Vacation illogical game mechanic - Oasis bonus

  • Hello TK fanatics,

    I have a cropper, with a 125% bonus. This cropper is out of the kingdom and so are oasis connected to it, thus I cannot send troops there to increase my influence. One day, one random has decided that it's a good idea to upgrade his village to a city, and since he is just the next to the oasis assigned to my cropper, he of course has more influence than I do, even if I had 2k pop I just can't win over him.

    That wouldn't be a problem, my first reaction was sending catas on him and destroying his embassy, threatening him in PM that he should stop ---> typical reaction of someone who just has 40% bonus instead of 50%, everybody with 125% or such cropper knows that feeling.

    But...But... he has built that embassy again, assigned that oasis, and went on max duration vacation :)

    Can you spot a problem in this game mechanic?

    Suggestion: Unassign oasis when the player starts vacation.

  • It's a "legal cheat". Use his vacation time to build other villages around and gain influence this way.

    Vacation mode is a problem. It was justified when dualing and sitting were limited, now it does not make any sense, imho

  • Vacation mode has been proven multiple times here on the forum to be flawed and it is only being abused early game.

    Still there are going to be no changes for the rare case somebody actually needs to go on vacation.

    Speaking about that, alot of players actually need the vac mode, some go on vacation every first week of a server!

  • It is not easy, how to stop this type of behaviours without impacting negatively in players that have something happening that forces them to use it.

    I believe there must be a way to be able to made adjustments to it without hindering new players... I just wish I could find that adjustment...

    I am all ears towards possible adjustments that could benefit the current situation.

  • The point is, vacation is "no vacation". You can still interact and developp your account with NPC.

    If someone really can't find a sitter nor a dual, the vacation mode should not give him the advantage of developping his account during his vacation. What about a vacation where starvation would be disabled and any action in the account made impossible ?

    Then the doubling of ressources and troop production would not be unfair.

  • It's true, disabling starvation would solve the problem, with this solution oasis can be unassigned automatically when entering vacation, because the only logical reason why the person in vacation mode needs a bonus from oasis is to help her feed troops while during vacation. Oases that don't provide crop bonuses are 100% useless for players on vacation though. And IMHO need to be unassigned automatically.

    From TK update page: "Plus, your wood, clay, and iron production as well as your troop training will come to a halt."

    But in my opinion, halting crop production and starvation during vacation would brink more problems than benefits and I think it needs a different solution. As I said, some players are abusing this game mechanic just to hurt you and their intention isn't feed troops or something.

    The solution would be implementing some conditions to filter those players. Something like: those who have no problem feeding their troops or have a negligible amount of troops will be unassigned from crop oases automatically when entering vacation. On the other hand, those who have a big army and have problem feeding will never be unassigned from crop oases(Example: If your crop production is in high positive = unassign, else never unassign)

    Although I know how hard it is to implement this and it will need a lot of work to make it happen.

  • Real Life vacations are usually planned months before a server is announced. If you have to leave for 7 days or more just don't play the round. Or find a replacement dual and/or 2 sitters.

    However, this is not really On Topic nor do I think vacation mode really is linked to oasis ranks.

    Oasis ranking is one of the systems that I think work really well in kingdoms. Total population / distance related to other players wins, which is a pretty decent system in my opinion.

    If you have a crucial cropper oasis, try to think ahead and settle villages around it before others do.

    And well... if others do the same, try to reach an agreement. If said player is on vacation and doesn't reply, forcing the oasis temporarily may be the only "real" solution.

    In the case of oasis is outside borders, maybe change the system so troops actually do produce influence

  • Wait until end of vacation mode, pop zero random, get 50% on oasis back and end the random's server ? Might be a deterrent for similar play on future servers, or on the same server by other randoms who see or are told about the zeroing.

    Catapults: the solution to, and cause, of all Travian problems.

    Delete from vacation mode... is there a thread for that ? Maybe somehow people do need a holiday so they can take the stressful step of putting the account in delete when you put them out of deff, idk. Seems a strange feature design to me. Only possible reason I can see to allow delete while in vacation mode seems to be so farms don't pay their 3 day dues for their clearing costs