Three Dragons Guide for a Defensive Govenor

  • Hi before we start lets outline the intended audience for this guide

    -Your casual (compared to most)

    -Your new

    -You have no played a server to its finish yet (6 months on normal speed)

    In travian there are 3 factions they all have their advantages and disadvantages. In this guide i have selected to play Roman defence as a governor who does not farm other players. In travian you can play offence or defence but it is usually said you only play 1 role. This is because offence is all consuming and usually requires all resources available to play properly.

    This is not an offence guide.

    There are kings and dukes which receive additional resources because of their position.

    This is not a king or duke guide.

    Table of Contents

    1 Games start

    2 Resources

    3 Troops for Roman Defender

    4 The Start

    5 Selecting a cropper

    6 Capital City

    7 Wide then Tall

    8 What troops do you build

    9 Treasures and Wounder

    10 Why roman.

    1 Game start

    New player. Please start as a governor because that is what you intend to play. You will notice the map which is basically one big circle with everyone starting in the middle. The mountains which are placed around the edges of the circle and one in the very centre are where the wounder spawn. Eventually the whole game is centred around wounder and are the end game. As a new player you will be offered to menhir which basically means teleport to another king or dukes treasury to play for that team. Choose wisely because once things get started you will not be able to move anymore and you are stuck with the team you chose. Some hints for helping you choose the right team is a good team will spawn villages beside an outlying wounder and then menhir you to that wounder. If the player you are talking to have what looks like bronze silver or even gold stripes they are an experienced player.

    2 Resources.

    There are four resources three of which are generic and a fourth which is crop resource. Resources are power in this game and can be turned into troops or more resource income. Thats it. In this game there is something to be said for striking a balance between investing in your resource income and then building troops to defend. Troops once built will consume resources passivity (crop) but since the game lets you gold any resource into anything at a one to one ratio we will just say troops consume resources. 1 basic trooper consumes 1 crop an hour.

    3 Troops for Roman Defender

    Troops in this game are very basic i will not go into the exact details of every troop but as a roman defender you will only really build 1 type of trooper and that it. The praetorian. you should also build some cavalry scouts but they should never fight and are just a side note.

    4 The Start

    So this is not a start guild and instead of telling you what to build build for build we will talk about goals and priorities.

    5 Selecting a Cropper

    In travian everyone rushes their second village first. There are many guides you can find which outline how to do this. The purpose of the second village is to settle a cropper. there are unique tiles which have more crop fields then other fields. there is the 15 tile cropper and the 9 tile cropper. they are the big money in this game and selecting which cropper to take is an art in itself. 15 croppers are more valuable more sought after and require you to spend more on the game (money) to be viable. Which is why I will suggest going for a 9 cropper. There is another large reason for selecting a 9 cropper for your start which we will go into.

    When selecting your cropper there are things to keep in mind. It will be the centre of your operations. You will want to settle a large majority of your own villages around it. This is why you want to settle a cropper near your own team, not in the middle of no where. Hopefully you will make this cropper your capital, which means that its your only location resource fields can be upgraded indefinitely. A village can only upgrade its fields to 10 while a city can go to 12 if it is a non capital. The quality of a cropper tile is determined by the oasis near it. the oasis can only be 3x3 tiles away from cropper tile to be utilized. They are %bonuses to resource income, and surprise surprise the oasis you want are crop oasis.

    6 Capital City

    So once you've read the speed settle guide and you have settled your 9 cropper of choice. Your next goal is to upgrade that 9 cropper. You should ideally upgrade your starting villages fields to all 5 then start traderouting everything to your cropper (don't forget to make your cropper your capital).

    You need to spend gold to unlock traderoutes*

    Your goal for your 9 cropper is to reach 500 population before your next culture slot becomes available.

    Its like a race.

    (Side note if you got not cropper please treat your starter as the 9 cropper for this advice)

    Some things to keep in mind is you need troops, as a roman you should have legionnaires at the very beginning and a ballpark of around 100-200 before you exit beginner protection. after you have 250 legions you should produce prats to compliment them.

    When you do go city you should have 1 of every resource field type at 10 and everything else at 8. This is because the magic 10 unlocks unique buildings which give % bonuses to resources and also give population.

    You should also be building village buildings the entire time you are working on your resource base. This is because Romans are the only faction that can do this.

    Near the end when you are about to go city you will find yourself building useless buildings just for population. Anything and everything. Pay attention to how much population you gain for upgrading that building and then also how much it costs to do so. For example the Stonemason is what you want to achieve cheap population.

    Once you make your capital a city you can breath a sigh of relief. The reason we do this is because if your capital is a city it generates a bonus 500 culture a day. This is like alot alot alot.

    You will notice because you will see that your next culture slots will come very quickly after this.

    7 Wide

    After you've made your cropper a capital city, the flow of resources should reverse.

    You want to send resources out of your capital to your various villages so you can upgrade them faster.

    This is because resource fields have what is called diminishing returns.

    The first few ranks of a resource field cost nothing compared to what they give, and the returns diminish with each rank.

    Which is why you don't want to immediately upgrade your capitals fields to 18 instead you would rather improve your resource base in your other locations.

    Celebrations are a way of gaining culture in exchange for resources.

    You should ideally be always holding a small celebration in your capital city and maybe large celebrations in your smaller villages

    You ideally want to start holding large celebrations in your side villages when your culture gen is around 2k a day.

    This allows you to spawn more villages faster, then thus upgrade your resource base. (which is power)

    then Tall

    Once you have finished about 4-5 complete villages you want to now go tall.

    You want to stop celebrations traderoute everything to your capital, and rush build its resource base with gold.

    To give you an idea this should be occurring on day 60-70 server age.

    8 What troops do you build

    A roman defender should build legions at the start because of their duality for clearing robbers then also defending. but once that is covered build prats. The preat is famous for taking forever to build, to counteract this you either

    A: have a high rank barracks

    B: Build in other locations

    I will not tell you troop counts you should have at different stages because maybe you lost or maybe you didn't lose any at all, but there are some things to keep in mind when deciding how many troops you need. Do you think your going to be fighting soon? maybe maybe not.

    Troops consume resources so building them not only costs time and money but also passively eats your money.

    I will say however building in other locations is a valuable way you defeat the preats build time. So please upgrade and use other villages to build them, not just your capital.

    9 Wounder and Treasures

    In this game treasures in a treasury will passively produce Victory points, scored when the game ends.

    Wounder unlock the side not when posted at the wounder consume 1/2 crop for all troops

    In this game you desire to control treasures while using wounder as the end game plan.

    You want to build villages ideal within kingdom borders, near your capital, and near the wounder

    eventually you want a mix of all 3.

    10 Why Roman

    Truly you don't have to be roman if your Gaul its phalanx, if your teut its spearman, and those are your following dominant trooper.

    The other factions have cavalry defensive troops which means they can build faster.

    Tips for Gold

    While advancing your empire of villages remember you can always gold crop into more resource fields.

    Gold truly helps when used in the right situations but can be used sparingly to good effect.

    Main building is great for building your village faster. 10 or 15 is recommended.