• I want to add in just a small amount of information.
    If you had a residence in that village before and used the slot at level 10 - you will have to build up to Palace level 15 in order to use the next expansion slot.

    So you couldn't built a residence, use one slot, and then build a palace and get all 3. You would only get 2.

    I know that this is probably obvious, but I just wanted to throw this into the mix in case there are any new players looking at the forum.

  • I'm new and learning, thanks for the answers.

    I'm wondering why would you destroy a palace to build another one instead of residence in order to get expansions slots?
    Because, to get 6 extensions slots with 2 palaces (and the suply depot needed) it's more expansive than 3 residences.
    Another "cons" is, if the palace is in a city, you lose the extra culture points per day.

    I'm probably missing something, so :
    Is there a situation where IT IS AN ADVANTAGE to destroy a palace to build another one?

  • Fintan, you are correct, it is not neccessarily an efficient use of resources to keep building palaces. There are a few reason why players wish to do this;

    1) To switch your capital. Ordinarily players build palace, switch to capital and then leave it but you may wish to switch again later.

    2) Chiefing. It is useful to have 3 expansion slots and 3 chiefs in one village when trying to chief a village. Easier / more powerful than sending chiefs from multiple villages.

    I am sure there are other reasons too....

  • Fintan and @dianamite#EN,

    It is useful to build a palace to get all 3 spots for Chiefing as Fintan mentioned.

    This allows your chiefs to travel with your large army. This is especially useful if you are trying to sneak a chief, because then they are not as noticeable. If you send multiple attacks from different villages it might raise some alarm bells.

    Typically, you wouldn't do this in more than one village.

    A common tactic for keeping all 3 of your spots open is to build 1-2 chiefs in a side village. Then use the expansion slots from them as the 'final chief'.

    Some people will chief a village that they settled a long time ago just so that they can get the expansion slot back in the village that initially settled it.

    So, you could built 2 palaces at different stages in the game to get 3, and then 6 chiefs, but as you noted Fintan, it is cheaper to just manage your expansion slots in the village with the Palace so that you can keep all 3 slots open.

    I'm sure this was a little bit of a rambling response. If you have any further questions I would be happy to elaborate.