Troop Movement - Selection Skills

  • Suggestion on a potential improvement on Incoming Troops - but could apply to outgoing troops as well

    Often times at night my attack troops go away on long journeys - while I do know roughly when they come back so I can log back in and send farms etc - if you have lots of farms in farmlists, tryign to find when exactly the troops are coming back is painful because i scroll through many pages of farm returns before I can get to the large troops I sent away... Also the clicks are not uniform because if there is zero resources in a farm, the number of lines changes so i cannot go click-click on the same spot...

    I find myself at times after launching that I have not put the right left hand equipment or shoe for the hero - and i want to go searching for the outbound and cancel it quickly... same click click search ensues ...

    Can we have a way to solve for this by:

    a) Being able to select troops between two time periods e.g. show me inbound between 03:00 and 03:03

    b) and/or Select troops based on #troops > than 1000 say

    I thought it will be a useful feature and one that allows us to search from what could be 300 = 75 pages of inbound or outbound ... with active farming villages.

    Remember you can have at any time 1000 outbounds = 250 pages... for those it could be very vaaluable

    Thoughts / Other builds? Am I the only one missing something and there is a easy way to do this?