The highlights of Reckless vs AK BROS war

  • The server is coming to an end soon and I thought it would be nice to showcase the war that went thru pretty much the whole server. I want to thank AK BROS for nice fight and keeping things intresting. I will be posting some highlight reports from our side of the things, I hope AK BROS would post their successes since they had some also. Let this be a show case of what small coordinated kingdom can achieve, we were 27 vs 101 but managed if not clinch the victory but to survive under the superior numbers. This is Reckless, enjoy.












  • Congratulations to your Kingdom. But what you did is to tease and bring in further attacks to build your defence score up. Its a good defence score and i will say well done. For such a small kingdom to achieve that score is a great achievement.

    You even took their WOW and created great drama on the server.

    I will say i respect you guys - even though i hate you at the same time. However......

    Here's a questions - how premature are your comments? And by the end of this server how many villages will you have left?

    I really respect your defence score though - and for such a small Kingdom of very good players - which i have played with. I will say well done, Sohpva is the biggest dick in Travian community for me. But one of the best defence builders i have seen and played with on this game.

    Well done Reckless.

  • I don't think we are going to lose many villages but time will tell.

  • I think you are mixing up now mate, it was SERO who sent that pick for you.

  • that if this is your multi account.

    And that no matter where you are in the ranking, we are 5 people and we are number 8. That doesn't matter, if you and AK won't win the sv.

    well,stupid wars, goodluck

    I'm having really hard time to understand what you are trying to say.

    different accounts, now you understand me;)

  • No I don't and I'm not timpsa, and you can have different name on the server and in the forum..

    E: as you can see even our avatars are different..
    E2: And what are you saying about 5 friends? You are the top sims players or what?