• Hi all,

    I know this might sound fairly obvious but why is multis such an issue?

    Surely it should be simple, if you are proved to be a multi, your IP address is banned... FOR LIFE.

    There should be no place for cheaters in this game.

    There are plenty of teams, Osef, BM, WST to name just a few that are able to play competitive servers without having multi accounts.

    Anyone caught playing Multi accounts should be banned for life... period.

    Is that so hard to implement Georgi Unknown


  • I agree with this entirely, but as far as IP addresses, how does this work for those that play with other people in the same home? My kids are small, but have told me that they want to play some day. What should be done there? Perhaps when they play, it can be as a dual with no second account, but eventually they will want their own.

    But you are correct - if someone is a proven multi, they should be banned. I do not understand how people manage so many accounts as it is.

  • DarthButtHair#EN(1)

    I've spoken with the mods about this in the past. I always worry when I have people coming over that also play. If you are in contact with them and explain the situation they are very understanding.

    I'm not sure that the right move is to ban the IP address - since most use a VPN anyway.

    I would suggest that the accounts themselves receive a permanent ban. This would destroy the "prestige" associated with any given account. I'm not sure that the first time it happens they should receive a permanent ban, I will leave that to the game makers. I would think that no more than twice should be allowed. I also think the degree to which multi accounting has been done should be taken into account.

    I think that Travian Kingdoms has done a somewhat decent job overcoming Multi's, but they have yet to achieve the appearance of controlling them - which in turn causes players to lose confidence in the game.

    One thing that is a glaring issue that I've noticed on servers. A player can multi an entire Kingdom. When they are caught - the side accounts are all banned - but the main account, the one with the treasury and the one that has received the most benefit remains untouched. This then allows that player to leverage those treasures into joining another kingdom.

    Or they can be stolen, giving a Kingdom an unfair advantage. 1,000 treasures won't make that much difference into the future - but 1,000 treasures right at the start of a round can make a large difference in the momentum of a Kingdom on a server.

    Just some thoughts.

  • I see some valid points regarding banning the IP that i hadn't thought about.

    But a permanent ban for the account should be instant and any account associated with it

    One thing that is a glaring issue that I've noticed on servers. A player can multi an entire Kingdom. When they are caught - the side accounts are all banned - but the main account, the one with the treasury and the one that has received the most benefit remains untouched.

    This is an issue that arises again and again, which is why all accounts should be banned permanently.

    If people wanted to not ban first time caught, i personally don't understand it but an alternative could be, however many days you were caught using multi accounts you are delayed from starting a new server by that many days.

    2nd time has to = Instant & Permanent ban

  • Dux Rupie#EN

    I think that the first time you are caught multi-accounting it should be treated as "Maybe you didn't know this was against the game rule, here is a punishment. We will allow you to keep playing this server, but you will incur certain in-game penalties." A lot of people would say that it is unfair to limit their resource production or troop production speed - but it might help them realize that when they are cheating - it penalizes other players in the same who aren't cheating.

    I think that the second time a person multis it shows a pattern. They got caught once, and the only reason that they would have done it a second time is that they thought they could get away with it.

    I think that person should be allowed to keep playing the game if they would like - but they can't on that account anymore. They lose their prestige, they lose their awards, etc.

    Obviously you should keep track of that player's IP address, but I don't think that it should be banned for life. The act of taking away the account is probably punishment enough. I had a 3 gold star account that got locked the day I wanted to start a new server. It sucked having to start over from square one and I think that other people would agree.

    I have both accounts still - but they are never used on the same server (I've actually not touched the other once since I created this one).

    One of the greatest appeals of Kingdoms (other than the gameplay) is the awards system. I think that if these players were at risk of losing the rewards of their "hard work" they wouldn't be as inclined to cheat. Right now - the system is set up to where that main account can benefit and remain on server. It's the side accounts that are deleted. The accounts that the cheater most likely has just created and cares nothing about.

  • I suppose it depends on how the multis are used. Many cheaters use multis early on by relocating them near their main account, spending all the free res, and then raiding the free res. This has been an issue in a few servers I have played in the past 6 months. That is truly horrible and deservers punishment. It gives the cheaters a huge advantage in the early game. That deserves serious punishment.

    I do not know what to do about multis, and I understand why they are so hard to punish. It's possible for 2 people in the same home to play with one IP. If there's abuse like I outlined it must be punished hard though. If you can prove it's one player on multiple accounts, take action there as well!

  • It's a great idea, I love it, but they won't, because people who use multis here usually use gold.

    the game will lose money.

    That's why they let them use multi-accounts, and they leave them a debuff of 10% less construction and that's it.

    or they block them for a few days and that's it.

    They would have to ban all their accounts for life, for cheating, but here bots and multi-accounts are hardly penalized

    Sorry, but it's the truth

    what they could do is ban the account, if you want to enter another server, enter, but with a new account.

    that way it will be easier to know that the account with prestige is legal, and the account without prestige uses multi-accounts