In game conversation lay-out improvement

  • Hi,

    I've been playing kingdoms for a good month now, and I have been slightly frustrated at times when I was unable to find some of my conversations with SS or kingdom. This is because the conversations only are sorted with the latest entry, which means the spam chat of my kingdom mainly stands at the top, leaving other maybe more important conversations to fall behind. As a person who is also actively speaking to many players, trying to recruit them this effect is even worse.

    What I would suggest is separating the threads in conversation with dropdown menus based on who created them (kingdoms, SS, players etc..).
    I have added a suggestion that I drew in paint, so don't mind the poor quality! :)

    Some features that would be nice would be to pin conversations to the top (with kingdom rules etc) so that they are always easily accessible.

    Another feature to stop overcrowding the dropdown menus would be to archive closed conversations; keeping the conversation tab cleaner.

    As this game revolves around teamwork, conversations are key. This is why I would love to see this feature (or a similar one) implemented in the game :)

    What are your opinions on this matter?