Massive whale spotted on Com7

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    Hit me up if you wanna kill some of my clubs for $$ /s

    Sorry, but this had to be posted on the forums.

    We might make an actual thread out of this. "The most ridiculous gold spending", gimme your submissions.

    Don't get me wrong, I am a gold user myself to a.) support the Travian Team and b.) have some QoL gimmicks for the Round, but that is just gold..interesting spent.

    Your thoughts?


    Edit: Added picture description

  • Yea, for maybe a maxed out Tier3 Weapon or Helmet or literally anything else that is useful but Scrolls? Man..get 12 Baskets for that price and suicide your hero on Oasis, even that gets you more xp. Someone really had to stand behind his decision to bid that much..and also another person had to bid that high which dives me crazy tbh

  • I do not understand your surprise. I have gold coins and I'm bidding. I want to give 200k of silver, I give it. What's the problem? One will buy 300 coins for the server and another will buy 30k coins.

    The auction is for everyone ;) Anyone can buy ... if they are lucky and hit within an hour, or they have more silver :)


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