New feature for transferring resources between two villages

  • Hello everyone

    I have a series of ideas for the marketplace and merchants that I send them separately in different topics. Please comment.

    You can see my first idea at here:

    1. The speed of merchants with and without resources should be different.

    The second idea:
    Merchants can take resources from other villages and transfer them to their own village.

    Ever wondered why Travian merchants are so stupid? They think they can only take resources from their own village and empty them in another village. Let's help them a little to increase their intelligence. Teach them to know that they can go and get resources from another village and empty them in their own village. Travian merchants are stupid. There is no doubt about that. But we can make kingdom merchants smarter. This feature makes an important difference between Travian Legends and Kingdoms.

    With this feature, you can send your first village merchants to your second village to carry resources to pick up resources and transport them to the first village. To do this, a second village marketplace must be built. But the building level does not matter. This means that if the second village does not have a marketplace, the merchants will not be able to use this feature.
    If the resources are not sufficiently available in the village when the merchants arrive in the second village, the merchants will pick up as many resources as there are and transport them to the first village.

    Well, so far everything was simple. But the complexity of the story begins here. Can merchants take resources from other people's villages and bring them to their own village?
    If we want to add this feature, we need the approval of two players. In this way, the player who has a merchant and wants to receive resources, gives his request to the second person in the marketplace. After it is confirmed by the second player, the merchants move to the second player. As in the text above, if the merchants reach the second player village but there are not enough resources available, they will take whatever is available and transport it to their own village. When the first player submits his application, he must have as much free merchant as desired. And after submitting the request, the merchants will not be usable until the request is made or deleted. Also, the second player must have enough resources in the village when accepting the request.

    All of this can also be considered for a situation where two players change positions. This means that one player can request from another player to send his merchants to collect resources.


    This is where the first idea ended. I will be happy to read your comments. Stay tuned for more ideas on merchants and marketplace

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  • One of the important effects of this feature is when defending:

    Suppose you have 4 villages that you all built in the neighborhood. You have gone through a difficult time and now you have no troops to defend yourself.

    Now one of your villages may be attacked. How can you protect its resources? You do not have enough time to build a hideout. You can't even use them all to produce soldiers. But with this feature, you can quickly send merchants from other villages to this village to get resources. In this way, you prevent the looting of resources as much as possible.

    This feature can help weak players to better protect their resources against looters. And this can give them more opportunities to enjoy their game. And continue to resist and do not leave their account.

  • you make crannies before you get attacked or npc whenu get attacked

    I wrote above that. When you are attacked, you do not have enough time to build a cranny. Yes, you can use npc merchant. But how many times? once? Twice? Ten times? I'm talking about weak players who want to play, but strong players are by their side and are constantly looting. If this weak player has no chance against that strong player, he will definitely leave the game. This feature can be helpful (albeit small) for these players.

  • Haji#EN(1) this is as well a very nice creative idea that we actually liked.

    We reach the conclusion that our game is a strategy game and not a simulation. It would be too complicated for the players to calculate strategies.

    We already have an added characteristic for the merchants, the trade office to boost merchants.

    But we do like the concept of it, it is just that it would not fit fully with Kingdoms.