Great Merchant

  • Hello everyone

    I have a series of ideas for the marketplace and merchants that I send them separately in different topics. Please comment.

    You can see my two previous ideas here:

    1. The speed of merchants with and without resources should be different.

    2. Merchants can take resources from other villages and transfer them to their own village.

    The third idea:
    The great merchant enters the kingdoms.

    The ancient world was not just a war. A large part of the ancient world was formed by merchants, but there are few traces of them in history. But the land of kingdoms can make great merchants proud to move to kingdoms and give their gifts to kings, dukes and governors.

    The Great Merchant is a very broad idea that can change a lot over time. But for now, my suggestion is this:
    Create a parameter called Trading Point for each player. Trading points can be increased by various factors. Such as building buildings related to trade or buying and selling resources or transporting them and ... .
    Every day, depending on whether the server is normal or Speed 3 or 5, a certain number of Great Merchants are born in the players' villages. According to the amount of Trading Points earned by the players in previous day, a lottery will be held between all to determine the Great Merchants will be born in which players village. And then the points of yesterday are removed and the points are collected again today for tomorrow's lottery. Great Merchants give a gift to the player and then continue their journey.

    - The merchant's gift will be displayed on the hero page for 3 days along with other items. And if the player does not use it, the gift will be returned to the merchant.

    - The merchant's gift is randomly selected.

    - All players who go online once a day will participate in the draw. Even if they have no other activity to get trading points.

    How can you increase your trading points?
    - Build or upgrade marketplace or trade office

    - Buying or selling resources that have been done successfully in marketplace
    - Send resources to your own village or the village of others. The amount of points should be calculated based on the amount of resources and distance carried so that no one can abuse this feature. Because the merchant of different tribes has different characteristics, this point should be given according to the tribe so that the guals do not get more points than others.

    - Increasing the level of production resources and factories inside the village

    - Buy or sell at the hero auction

    - Using NPC merchant

    Gifts of great merchants:

    - Captured animals to defend the village, which can be randomly from different animals. Their number should be selected according to the number of days from the server.
    - Resources with different values
    - Free NPC merchant

    - Free card game

    - Finish immediately card

    - Instance trade delivery card

    - Upgrade one or more levels of building or resources

    - Silver

    - Gold

    - Troop
    - Stolen goods, or treasuries

    - and ect... .

    It is better to include the trade points table in the statistics section, so that each player knows how much more chance he will have for Great Merchant. Gifts should be attractive enough for players to be happy when a great merchant is born in their village.


    I will be happy to read your comments. Stay tuned for more ideas on merchants and marketplace

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  • WOW, what can I say?

    It is a very elaborate new mod of game play. I love it!

    But I see it difficult to implement.

    Of course we are going to talk about it, it is interesting to see how this type of gameplay would affect the whole of kingdoms.

    What do you all think about this?