Need your opinion

  • Dear All,

    When village changing to City we getting only +2 level for resources and +500 population.
    why do not make all buildings max level X2 ?
    There are a lot of buildings you can make max level without CITY.

    Is there way to change that and make all buildings level X2 and add 2 more extra spots for buildings . ( not include 2 spots from card game )

    We need to make Mega city or Megalopolis and give chance to build your own city more and more. there are should not to be max level if you play and increase your population.
    I don't like when you play but cannot do anything. I think it is better give chance to increase what you want.

    It will better than, building 30-40 new villages ( which cannot be inside your kingdom boarders and map is limited which is not good too)

    My be give chance to kingdoms increase treasure area when they have new players and new villages next to boarder. ( this can be other idea too)

    Need to improve and give more to players.

  • like when you do City you can build resources from 10 till 12

    and when you will do mega city you will able to make like until 20 level

    capital city my be 30 level.
    barrack or stable same . not only 20 level my be 30 level and it will give you chance to train 2 soldiers on same time.
    it is possible to work with that and add more detail . for all buildings .

  • i so a lot players with 10-15-20 villages ( City's ). When your City max level you cannot work with that any more. You will go and start build same thing on other villages. I think if we can get more everything from less count off villages that will be easy and more profitable. And we do not need repeat same thing a lot of times ( sometimes 20-30 times) it is make your plans regarding City or Village limited.
    What if we will change and add Mega City . Our players not will stop to build till end of the server. We will have chance do not repeat same process 20-30 times.

    For Example:
    To feed big army we getting 15 cropland.
    Mostly to support that City with crop or feed army from that City we build other City's with out using that for something. Sending all resources to main City and building more army. ( During attacks we loos a lot ) and we repeat this a lot. ( there are many ways of this type using other city's )
    we have limited
    I can build Mega City with more army ( def and off) can build faster because of level resources and buildings level.
    Not only that. We have standard 4-4-4-6 villages ( Total 18) . What if When you make Mega City it can be changed and added more ( like not Total 18 only ( can be 8-8-8-12 ) and after getting Mega City you can change that Clay Pit to the Iron Mine or to other.
    To do that it can be by Gold , Resources, Treasure , different type of quest's .
    Area of kingdom, Duke and active treasure villages count can be changed with mega city too.

    We can improve everything more interesting with out repeating our general actions.

  • imo that would be too op but we can work it out, so with city resources can go up to 12, with big city (or whatever you wanna call it) resources can go up to 15 (or only crops), as for the idea of army buildings being able to train 2 units at once, thats a good idea but that would make great barrack/stable useless but i still like it. now to make it less op what if on of the big city requirements was 1 settling slot which you would get back if you add 5 more levels to palace or 10 for residence for an extra slot which will reduce the number of villages on the map over time. as for extra building slots i think 2 would be fine but i dont know how to make it less op so i would leave that to others to give their ideas, concerning resources on the other hand, 8-8-8--12 thats a lot but we can keep the idea of changing the field resource type that would be nice but it should require smtg like not for free maybe a quest of some sort like if you want to change a clay pit to iron mine you ll need to loot 100k iron.

    im out of ideas for now but if anyone wants to discuss pls do.

    as for Unknown questions:

    -What would be the benefit of it? less villages on the map, more investments being put into a village

    -Why, what is the desired outcome of it? an improvement to QOL, and a reward to those who reach it and smtg to look up for

  • There is a reason, why cities give max resource level 12 - that way they roughly produce twice as many resources as two villages (which is their counterpart).

    Cities are intended as alternative to two villages and are currently quite fine from infrastructural balance. They give resources from 2 villages with much less effort, but less culture points IF you party in every village's townhall. So they're a very solid alternative for less active players. (Water ditch sucks especially with bunkermeta though, gotta mention that somewhere.)

    Doubling the max level of each building for cities is probably the most overpowered idea that I have read in the forums at all so far. And I bet you did not think that through at all.

    - Doubling max resource field level would basically make every city another capital

    - Warehouse level 40 would cost 28.4 million resources (for 40th level alone) and have a capacity of 5.8 million resources (plus minus something).

    - Barracks level 40 would produce ~8.22 times as many troops as a barracks level 40

    - Academy level 40 most useful building xD

    - Palace level 40 could train 7 chiefs

    I could go on for a while, but I guess my point is clear. It just doesn't make sense at all. City's intention is an alternative to two villages and not to be a necessity to complete some buildings.

    Honourable mention: You can build great barracks / stable only in cities.

  • yup doubling levels would be too op thats why I proposed to push only crops to lvl 15 and leave other res at 12 and to add like 5 lvls to palace/ training camps/ wall/ treasury? /market/ smithy/ mb which is still op thats why the requirements should be steep