Banner & Sigil in kingdom

  • There are 2 things that can be introduced to Travian Kingdom and by that will definitely attract more players (new and old)

    We all fight for glory! But if we can represent kingdoms with some images of kings' own choice that would be terrific

    Look like these:

    kingdom descripti.png

    1) Kingdom Description:

    Allow the option of uploading images

    * Allow report if the image uploaded contain dirty contents

    2) Allow to upload images as an icon for kingdom. The below image should illustrate the idea vividly

    * When you scan the map, players of same kingdom will show the same icon and oh boy this will be so terrific


    Why should the developers implement these features?

    make money

    What do you think?

  • I like the idea, not bad at all.

    I foresee some issues though... having images on the Kingdom's description could cause longer loading times, some players have limited internet conectivity and for them it could be an issue.

    And of course, what you already mentioned, the fact that some images could not be appropriate.

    But it is something we can surely discuss in the team.

    What does everyone else think about it?

  • Up :)

    Also tk can consider this feature can only be unlocked with gold (king) so you can encourage gold purchase

    As for the loading time, you can allow simple mode in the setting so that no images will be displayed if you select this mode

    Such feature really makes one alliance distinct from the other