Buy gold using cryptocurrency (bitcoin)

  • Hi
    I know there are several payment methods. But buying gold using cryptocurrencies can be a useful way. The use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is increasing every day.
    I hope Travian Kingdoms adds this method so that everyone can buy gold.

  • Fluctuations in bit coin would make this method of payment almost impossible to administer, and also wholly unfair for other players.

    Do you specialize in this topic?

    There are several ways to buy gold. You can use other methods.

    Bitcoin fluctuations do not have much effect on this method. Because the development team can implement this method in such a way that after the purchase operation, bitcoins are sold automatically and converted into the desired currency.

    I do not understand why this method is unfair. Everyone buys as much gold as they pay. Gold is not to be given for free. Just as it is possible to buy gold in dollars or euros or other currencies, and this is not unfair, so it is not unfair to buy in bitcoin.

    Not only is this not unfair, but it is completely fair. I can not use any of the current methods. Is it fair that you can buy gold but I can't? If payment is made with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, everyone can use this method without any restrictions.

    I hope you can understand this. Being fair means public access to buy gold ...

  • I fear that Luke Coolhand and Cerebore are right.

    The price of bitcoing fluctuates a lot and sometimes too much.

    And as it takes such a long time to process, it could mean receiving less for the gold purchase than expected.

    Other currencies do fluctuate as well, but much less, just hundreds of a cent per day sometimes. There are occasions that there are bigger fluctuations, but they are rare and far between them.

  • I cannot promise what I don't know, but it all depends of technology and trend.

    On how settle the crypto is and how strong. How easy it is to convert it to "normal cash" and a long etc.

    The Plus department are always looking at ways to improve the offerings we have, so it is not out of all question that something like that could happen in the future.

    Just that right now it doesn't seem feasible, at this point in time.