New Achievements

  • Hi All,

    I know this may have been touched on before but could we not have a way to track troop numbers, my ideas was a couple of new quests.

    Quest 1- I'm A Warrior Not Simmer

    Lvl 1 - Kill 50 troops in battle

    Lvl 2 - Kill 200 troops in battle

    Lvl 3 - Kill 500 troops in battle

    Lvl 4 - Kill 1000 troops in battle

    And so on...

    (For Def players)

    Quest 2- The Last Stand

    Lvl 1 - Successfully defend an attack of 50 troops

    Lvl 2 - Successfully defend an attack of 200 troops

    Lvl 3 - Successfully defend an attack of 500 troops

    Lvl 4 - Successfully defend an attack of 1000 troops

    And so on...

    Quest 3- Fail To Prepare Then Be Prepared To Fail

    Defeat a larger force either defending or attacking due to having higher researched unit.

    I.E- 1000 LVL 20 Teutonic Knights vs 3000 LVL 2 Spearfighters

    The final one is a continuation of an existing quest.

    After the train 100,000 troops quest:

    Train 500,000 troops

    Train 1,000,000 troops

    Just so we can keep track across a server.

    I'm not a computer programmer but these don't seem like they would be too difficult to implement and would be fun and engaging for people to track there numbers.

    Thanks for listening