Robbers camps

  • Hero needed on camps to take treasures 145

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    We all see a lot of problem, even little wars about camps, my idea would be to be forced to use the hero to take treasures on the camps.
    What do you think about it ?

  • With what purpose?

    - You cant steal treasures from treasuries why can u take them from robbers without hero?

    How would that affect game play?

    - Imo that would chill kingdoms internal robber camp wars.

    How does everyone else feel about this and why?

    - For me personally this subject is second most annoying after multies.

    On other hand you could limit it so that when robber camp has 5 waves it can take only 5 attacks, or even better give kings reins so they can set limit how many waves 1 player (applies to every kingdom member) can send during one robber camp spawn.

  • Robbers camps (and oasis ranks) create so many internal wars inside a kingdom (especially newly formed kingdoms)

    some players are greedy & send at all camps

    some players undercut other players whilst sending at all camps, meaning troops are out for hours with no rewards

    some players have too many losses trying to split their troops to get as many camps as possible

    if all players were forced to send their hero too, then there would be a lot less inhouse fighting & fallouts over them

    also maybe make it impossible to rein a robbers camp, have seen that happen before too :|

  • First of all, it would make it more fair to everyone in the Kingdom, often the Def players which just have a small amount of Off troops, they have sometimes not even a change to attack any robber camp wave, so if you have to sent the hero along on a attack to robbercamps, more Players would be able to get a Robbercamp, and not only the Off Players which have a huge Off!

    As we all know, a lot of Players are really greedy, when it comes to Robber camps, and in this case the Teamplay get lost! By adding the Hero to the attacks on Camps, it would benefit the whole Kingdom!

    Fight with passion, win with pride, lose with respect. But never give up!

  • This makes sense. When you attack a player or a treasury, you cannot steal treasures without the hero. So attacking a camp with the hero is logical. There will have to be a safe-guard installed to prevent players from sending without hero. Otherwise waves will still be cleared, which is not the idea.

  • I like the send Hero option which also stops folks going 5-6 hours to the one with the most rewards in the well behaved kingdoms making it nuts for those nearby.

    Alternatively how about with Hero - you get same attack strength as normal but without hero your attack strength against robber camps halves and speed reduces to cata speed - the slow speed and losses will make splitting troops prohibitively expensive until endgame i guess. Makes it punitive for those who split forces and attack many camps simultaneously.

    Finally limit how many camps you are attacking or returning from at any time (or say a two hour period) to no more than 2 - that way even in a small newly formed kingdom with less active players - the active ones can clear out kingdoms but only slowly and over time

  • I see interesting opinions, I don't disagree with what you expose, using the hero would change dramatically the functioning of robber camps.

    I am not sure it would be possible, but, it will certainly be studied.

    What does everyone else thing about it?

  • I do think Robber Camps are a root problem in many kingdoms internally between others. Personally, I would hope to see a huge overhaul of Robber Camps as there are many other problems with them as well.

    I agree that this very simple change of only allowing hero to pick up the stolen goods could help reduce some of these problems.

    Neoflex I'm not sure that a safeguard would be needed. Allow players to send without Heroes - they can clear the troops and take the resources, then some other player can take the stolen goods to finish the wave off after them.

    Great idea!

  • For the first couple years of playing this game....i just assumed you needed your hero to bring home the stolen goods......til someone told me different.....I was shocked....thought that could be abused horribly....
    Which we all know to be true

  • I agree :/ sometimes it's a real trouble, but If people can't be able to follow the rules of their kingdom or can't respect each other , this has nothing to do with the construction of the game.

    In my opinion leaders and players have to solve "internal wars" as an internal issue, that's why Travian is a strategical game.

    On the other hand an "internal competition" between the players is not so bad in case it's based on the kingdom's rules..

    i don't know how it can be done but i was wondering :

    if both kings could have access to the camp's rally point watching the process of cleaning the camps...then what?

  • Like the idea of hero mandatory for robber camps.

    Could you please also consider forcing "attack" on robber camps as well, such that we can avoid that camps that are "raided" overflow the next wave with additional troops?

  • Force attack instead of raid or removing the overflow mechanic is essential to avoid in-kingdom quarrels.

    Forcing hero should work well to avoid people missing out cause robbers spawned while they are at work or asleep.