Suggestion of enhancing the mechanics of truce

  • Currently, when truce came, any attack that landed within the period are considered invalid.

    However if you send attack within the truce period and land right after the end of the truce, the attack is still considered valid.

    This brings huge disadvantages to the defender. As there is nothing you can do to try scouting others attack during truce period, while the attacker can safely send all the attack without being scouted.

    Of course you can argue that you can also send attack to the opponent.

    However it doesn't seem to be the idea of truce from administrator's perspective.

    You're not supposed to gain any advantages with the introduction of truce. It's a period to give you peace.

    Therefore I proposed to have an enhancement on the mechanics of truce.

    Attack that sent during truce are also considered invalid, no matter the landing time is within truce or not.

    This way the attacker cannot take any advantages from the truce. And defenders can do what they can as it is like the normal time.

    The game will be more balance(or back to normal) with the introduction of such enhancement.

  • Ok, I understand the issue you mention, but it may not be an easy thing to do.

    The results of the attacks are calculated at point of impact, and when they were sent doesn't come into account at all.

    On the other hand, I personally feel that the way it is gives an extra dimension to the strategy and it brings some unknowns into the mix... that is always good since it makes the game more unpredictable and, in my opinion, more fun.

    What does every one else think about it?

  • Thanks Unknown for the reply.

    I do understand your point of view.

    However, I think, at least from the wordings of truce itself, is to hope to let players relax and have a holiday, not to be afraid of being attacked.

    There is a lot of way to make the game unpredictable.

    However I don't think that is one of the appropriate way bringing this kind of surprise to the game.

    It is a pure abuse especially to teams who are good at defense, taking away their ability to try having a nice defense.

    I personally think this breaks the balance of the game.

    If that is really one way of bringing such a extra dimension, then it better be something that every server have, or something that only appears in a night truce server. For normal server, I don't think it's a good idea to have such a mechanics.

    Regarding the implementation of the improvement, I have no idea of how to implement.

    But given that the administrator got all the data like the travelling time, the sending time, the landing time, etc.

    I think it is doable.

  • The thing is that if attacks sent during truce don't land, but instead just say hello, that would actually make the truce a lot longer, as the real truce time would be truce time + troops travelling time.

    Changing it will make some players unhappy, I have many times receive complaints about having truces... some players don't like it at all since the times of the truce are times most people have free and some people want to use that time playing Kingdoms.

    So making this change would mean upsetting that group of players even more than now.

    It is a delicate balance we have to walk through...