Rally point window : Inbound tab

  • Hi,

    i want to ask developpers to not make a dynamic size of the Inbound tab content when we click from a number (link to the display list of inbound troops) to the other, because first we have sometimes to scroll down to see some information and secondly from one link number to the other, sometimes the number are not positionned to the same place in the screen; it's boring to move the mouse to the right place only to click and see the next list.

    At my opinion it's not confortable to play, it's superfluous mouse move.

    What do you think about that?

    Thanks for reading me.


    ps: this remark\request is available on all servers.

  • Could be solved i think. By making a new tab. So with the 4 current (home, stationary, outbound and inbound) ad a “farmlist tab”. And every attck or returning troops made by the farmlist will only be seen there. But tbh if low connection you wil lag from returning and landing farmattacks anyway 😂 (found that out when dl ps4game during travian haha)

  • If I understand you correctly then moving the navigation to the top of the tab would also fix this.

    Also, you can change the url (bold part)


    Also, this is a reply to basically the same discussion from a thread.

    Thanks for reopening the debate on this, its a great suggestion.
    Unfortunately, it has already been suggested many times since 2015 and it has never been taken into account :(

    This issue has been addressed.

    30th december 2020: Rally point

    27th june 2019: Move send troops button or page numbers on inbound troops

    9th october 2015: Rally Point: More filters for Inbound / Outbound

    Probably longer back, but I am tired of scrolling.

    Btw, another thing that I saw quite a lot is "mark as read" for chat. But that's another discussion.

    edit: had to work around the auto link formatting