Persian Tribe

  • But this is the game we love. And we will definitely work for its development. They do their job too. And as the game progresses, we enjoy it even more. Even if they do not like to add a new tribe to the game, I say my opinion.

    I understand you, but this game will be 20 years old in a short time, and it still has the same 3 races (sometimes 5 special travian legends servers).You believe me that I have given many ideas, and I have read many good ideas from other players.

    In any game that is by games / match, the most important thing is replayability, playing again, in a different way, or in another way.

    here are only 3 races in 20 years (travian legends its same) if they don't care about their game ...

    you play an offensive roman, great

    you play a defensive roman, great

    the same with the other 2 remaining races. congratulations you passed the game

    I understand you, and I know that you understand me.

    but a lot of good things I have read and they never did anything

    I'm not just talking about here, about travian legends too

    imagine the amount of money they would earn, doing a race per year, some balance of numbers and some photos, just that, they would bring thousands of old and new players to the servers

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    I start from me, I played legends, few years, and when kingdoms was announced, me and my friends where really excited about new things that are going to happen. And it was really great, feel was much more different, cus, it wasnt like legends where you are just a point on the map, now was area, and everybody around you are friends. Played few servers, some new things where added and changed for the quality of life and i thinked that this game was taking the right way to develop.

    I play 2 servers for year, have some experience, use sometimes little gold, and play this game cus i really like it, but in last 2- 3 years nothing new where added, yea menhir someone will say, but does it really have huge impact on the game and enjoying? You can team up early and thats great, but what about replayability? Still game works farm farm farm, build build build , wait wonders and crush all you have made, and we will see who made more. I know that this is about new tribe, but even if Tk dont want to add new tribe(probably they have their reasons, cus community is begging for that and they are ignoring) but what about some new mechanics, some new features, big scale things that would change how game work, maybe move the key point from last 10 days of server to the whole round, like wars between kingdoms, real wars that need to be announced ,war points, spoils of war, VP bonus. The thing is why are TK afraid of some big change? Test it on the TEST, and we will see, its good? Great, many players would come back to try it, more players ,more money for the company, more fun on servers, new strategies...

    Im really sad, when I see that this community is crumblling, forums are almost death, new players dont have proper guides, wiki need a refresh.

    I get that if you make a game more and more complex it will make harder to attract new people to the game, thats why is a good new players guides and support needed.

    Even this is the game I like, I enjoy it less and less, like many other players. I play cus of a team and having fun with them, but I was solo it would be really boring. I hope that this words will reach someone behind all of this and understand one

    thing, make a change and results will come back. In the nature species that change fast are the one that survive.


    Sorry for a big post but i really needed to say it.

    Bye from Serbia :P

  • new players dont have proper guides, wiki need a refresh.

    You are right, and it really feels like TK doesn't care about this, 4 years of kingdoms and they don't care about making some changes, the only changes they care about are new ways to improve how they sell gold, the other stuff is fixing some bugs and things like that, but when a players talk about adding something, making something big that can make TK a better game, they don't care, cause first is not their idea, second they are still making money with the servers, they don't need to make changes cause they still earning good money and the last reason it's because they have to spend money an time to make those changes, to make a new tribe, to change the rules, they don't care about that.

  • More than saying we don't care about it, it is a case of utilising the resources available the best possible way for the game and the community.

    There are some changes that are needed for security reasons, some for legal reasons and others for improvements. The first two are unavoidable and we must do them when it is required, the third we want to do them but have to work around the first 2, for obvious reasons (legal and protecting you, the players).

    Still we are bringing constant changes and improvements, we still have some performance improvements that we would like to keep improving, personally I believe that adding things to the game makes no sense if the performance is going to make it not fun to play.

    So in all we have to keep a careful balance. This same week we have 2 improvements that came or is coming live, just to show as an example of what we are doing:

    Android Beta Test Version 1.8-0 – New Menu Navigation

    Roadmap v0.99: Roll-out on current live game worlds

    And, having said that, going back to the point of the thread, a Persian tribe.

    I personally would love to see something in these line implemented.

    The idea has been mentioned in our meetings and the game director was impressed with Haji's work.

    What does that mean?

    Time will tell, for now there are no plans to introduce a new tribe for several reasons... but, you can never say never when the situation is the right one... who knows what can happen. I don't want you to get ideas or hopes with this, please understand that right now the situation does not allow a new tribe to be introduced.

    I know that until this thread the idea of a new tribe was no where near... now, who knows if the careful planning of the suggestion and the result of all the work gone into creating this suggestion plants a seed that eventually blossoms?

    Only time can tell, but the thing that I personally learn from this is that the community has a powerful way to impact the game... with detail carefully planned ideas that make sense and doesn't destroy the balance of the game... anything can happen.

    Fif#EN I have moved your question here as it is somehow related to what we are talking about in the thread.