Exhanging troops

  • Just another idea..1 player sends another 2 spearmen, other sends a praetorian in exchange ..

    2 is not the right answer , but that is just a rough estimation. Exchanging troops could only be in equal value with larger amount of units being exchanged.

    To not let 1 player "buy" himself into greater damage total, then only equal amount of damage spectrum could be exchanged while keeping in mind that tribes train troops with different speed and resource cost.

    A limit on troops switching could ease the issue of not messing that one up, but lets say a teuton switches his TKs with TTs. Is he getting too great raiding boost ..or could gauls have to be able to trade their swordmen against clubs too, so everyone has equal chances? Seems complicated to find out the exchange rates, but the idea remains...

    Could players exchange troops?

  • Thats very true :D

    Tho this sparks another idea...

    If one chooses to be full defensive, then he might not want to attack robbers to best develop a village...What if he can hire mercenaries from kingdom members and the tribute will the be split. The mercenaries owner could even send his hero for exp.

  • I remember talking about this a year or so ago.

    The best idea I heard back then was a "taunt" function, where you force the barbarians to attack you.

    They attack full force. You can't attack the camp after you taunted them. After you kill them you can clear the camp.

    If this is tested and found too easy for deffers then give the robbers some bonus strength (not in numbers, that would mean more exp).

    This was probably the best idea in terms of how many people agreed with it and how easy it would be to implement.

    I think the 2nd best idea was to send def to the camp and then the robbers would attack the camp. Kind of a "sortie" (defenders coming out of the castle and attacking the besiegers).