Scouting towers and Ditces and roads

  • 2 Iron type of wilderness tile can be connected by assining the similar to oasis, but into a scouting tower duo that gets report of any army passing by from between.(only teutons option)

    2 clay type wildernesses into a pair the has a road - villages next to these roads get 50% faster movement on merchants and armies (Roman option)

    2 Woodland wildernesses makes a trapped ditch made by gaul and steals 1res from every passing raid or traps some troops or slows down enemies by 10% who are attacking through the paired wilderness areas.


    Use only 1 tile of each wilderness and have the same bonus effects work with 2 tile radius of that wilderness tile

  • Really funny to see this.
    Even before kingdoms was released I read a discussion about non-village type buildings on the map like outposts and such.

    I really liked this idea mainly cause scouting towers might be used to detect fakes, one of the mechanics I hate the most.

    Short answer is "technically not possible".

    In travian troops don't actually move over the map like in an RTS such as Age of Empires or Command and Conquer.

    I don't know the exact mechanics but I think its something along the lines of:

    Users issue actions which we will call "events". Every second has its own list of events, in order of their issuing. Game data is adjusted according to those events.

    For example, I send and attack.
    Server will:

    - remove troops from my village

    - store the target

    - store the time the attack lands

    - store the troops that are part of the attack

    - store the village of origin

    Once it is time for the attack to arrive the stored data is used to calculate the battle and if I won, schedule the return event.

    This is a nice and simple system.

    The introduction of "intercepting mechanics" such as seeing what troops pass would require a lot more logic which needs to be designed, coded, tested and all that stuff. It is technically simply not feasible.

  • Thank you for the solves the exact question of wether its feasible or not.

    I hope there comes a version of travian, where exactly these features are used. So it becomes sort of a very slow paced tower defence game instead of this blindfolded "send and receive" game.