Disable reinforcing non-allied targets

  • And that used to be a perfectly valid reason.

    However, since a year or so you don't get def points anymore for deffing grey villages.

    So if it gives you def points it is a valid reason. If not it's an "unsportsmanlike thing" :/

    Offense already lost the ability to croplock

    Catas now throw little snowflakes like you, therefore you can't demolish croplands? :evil:

    If you're going to reply to this post take your time and reply to the previous as well.

  • This seems to be a very impassioned thread... I like to tend to stay away from these, but I do want to share a different opinion than has already been expressed.
    Kingdoms has gotten rid of the defenders points for spiking farms. This has greatly reduced the amount of spikes that I encounter on a server. I was very supportive of that change. However, I don't see the purpose of getting rid of it entirely.
    There are several times on a server where a governor who just wants to be left alone reaches out to inform me that they are being attacked each and every day by a player in an opposing Kingdom and that when attacked that player sends their full army. I very rarely will decline this request because it is an opportunity to catch a hammer that otherwise would never show up on one of my players or one of my villages until late in the game.

    I do empathize with the frustration of people crashing my hammers when I'm under the impression that I have an 'easy farm', but to me that's just a part of the game. It is one of the many strategies that can be utilized to catch an attacker.

    I'm a strong believer in adopting strategies to match the game, not changing the game to match a strategy.