Merchant features

  • Hi, I have a proposal about merchants properties

    Sometimes you have some merchants who do not fit the suggestions presented in the list, so you are forced to run through all the list to find what you need

    This is an example, I have only 1 merchant and all the list has >1 merchants so I'm forced to browse all the market pages and in the end there is none :P


    it would be great if you add some kind of filter to simplify the research on the market

    for example, I want to filter the market based on the lowest merchants in ascending way and vice versa

    (by clicking on the merchant icon you bring the highest merchants number in descending order,2nd click brings you the inverse )

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  • Nice one, I like this one a lot.

    A simple filter by a single button that takes away all the options you cannot accept in that moment.

    I would like to see how useful everyone else thinks this would be.

  • I would like to see how useful everyone else thinks this would be.

    You say this often.

    What I'd like to see is a monthly showcase of new ideas so that these ideas can actually reach a broader audience than just the forum dwellers.

    You're never gonna get anywhere close to a realistic idea of what "everyone else" thinks if it never leaves the forum.

  • Ideas could get forgotten in years deep in forums if they are not acted upon.

    The questions that Unknown asks are still important in the progress of getting there, but people dont want to wait forever and need to see some real improvement to satisfy them.

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