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    It would be nice to introduce a new regulation so that agents can launch normal attacks. During the operation days, a person who is out of business may need to give his e-mail and password in order to throw his attack, and this causes both players to be banned. How do you have the option to use gold for agents? I think it should be in the confirmation option to be able to launch a normal attack. Ultimately this will be his responsibility as long as he allows.


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    I understand that you want your sitter to be able to send normal attacks.

    So far it is intended that only the owner or the dual can do that, because otherwise sitters could play sited accounts as it if it was the owner.

    There are good reasons for this limitations to try and avoid abuse.

    What would you think be the impact of this in the game?

    What benefit would it bring?

  • As I mentioned above. As a kingdom, we are doing an offensive operation. Shortly before the attack, the player gets out of business or says that he cannot join the attack that day. Because of their work. The whole kingdom is waiting for a player to be available. We either have to postpone the attack operation or we risk the attack operation. It may be necessary to request the e-mail address and password of the person who cannot attack. For example, I don't want to give anyone my e-mail and password. Nobody wants to share this. While giving representation, we prevent abuse by giving the normal attack button only to the people they trust. Something happens up to the initiative of the person who will give representation. Just like offering gold usage.

  • Lol wut?

    If someone can't make it for whatever reason then you deal with it. Postpone, risk, whatever you do, that is the consequence of being a TEAM.

    1 player 1 account, if someone isn't there for whatever reason then that account shouldn't be allowed to do any major event.

    If you want better account coverage you better get someone to dual.

    For example, I don't play Com3 but am dual of a friend. When he can't make off actions he asks me to do it for him.

  • Turkey is not so crowded servers of your servers and other server players to help a person as you say, a very difficult situation for our servers.

    I just want one option put. Anyone who wants to confirm this option does not.

    Representatives should also be banned from throwing normal loot to be as you say.

  • Funny reading this, when only thing you really want is to abuse multi accounts even more. I remember when you kept chiefing 700pop villages from your other accounts during last test server. Amazing times.