• In the past, the people of my village lived happily ever after. They had trained many soldiers to protect themselves and the resources they produced. They produced so many resources that their warehouses were always full. Until I, their governor, decided to do something. I was informed that there are people living in distant lands with great engineers and architects. I sent some of the smartest people from my villages to that land. The road was very long and difficult. After a long wait, my people came back and taught us a new science. They learned new methods of warehousing and built better warehouses. Now I have decided to teach this science to all the governors, dukes and kingdoms of Travian Kingdoms so that they too can use the new methods of storage.

    Change the storage capacity of each resource:

    Our warehouses divide their capacity into 3 equal parts for each resource at present. But why equal? Why can't more wood be stored? We have several options to be able to store resources in a new way.

    1. The storage capacity should be allocated to the total resources and the storage capacity should be checked based on the total resources it can store. For example, at level 20, the storage capacity is 80,000 from each source. In the new method, the total storage capacity is 240,000 resources and a total of up to 240,000 resources can be stored and there is no limit. This means that even 240,000 pieces of wood can be stored in one warehouse.

    2. By default, the storage capacity is divided equally between the 3 sources, but it can be changed from inside the warehouse. That is, by clicking on the warehouse in the page that opens, we can choose how much of the total capacity to be allocated to wood, clay or iron. This part can be done with attractive graphics. If necessary, I will send my graphic idea.

    Small granary and small warehouse in factories

    Factories can continue to produce and store some resources in their small warehouse if the warehouse is full. These small warehouses are for production only and are not filled in any other way. This means that you can not keep the resources you loot in this warehouse. These warehouses are for emergencies when the main warehouses are full and the factories cannot have new production so they can store their products in these small warehouses. If the main warehouse has empty capacity, resources are transferred from small warehouses to large warehouses.

    My suggestion is that each level of the factory has a small warehouse with a capacity of 4,000 resources of its own kind. That is, level 5 has a small warehouse of 20,000 resources. The mill and bakery each have granary for storing crop.

  • And how will this improve the game?

    Keep in mind, simple features are often better.

    Changing warehouse to be total of the 3 resources might be good and simple (gameplay wise, technically still complex).

    Lets then also do it for the crannies and the hidden treasury.

    The challenge would be to identify each aspect of the game where this is relevant.

    See, there are a lot of checks for each individual resource (NPC, tribute collection, selling stolen goods, refunding buildings).

    It might be a challenge to rewrite this to check for total resources.

    I am sorry, I think this is once again a nice idea but too technically challenging.

    What is the reason you came up with this idea? There might be a better solution to the underlying problem.

  • I like that idea..some buildings could be built on lower level WH

    Maybe the WH storage dont have to be set by hand, but that it automatically stops when total resources are reached so that vilage cold specialize better with oasises and dont need to build all res types in the village. Could even be some kind of gold option to increase storage liquidity.

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  • I like that idea..some buildings could be built on lower level WH

    Maybe the WH storage dont have to be set by hand, but that it automatically stops when total resources are reached so that vilage cold specialize better with oasises and dont need to build all res types in the village. Could even be some kind of gold option to increase storage liquidity.

    From a business perspective it HAS to be a gold function cause you need to NPC less as a result.

  • I love the possibilities of this idea.

    But, as Pinkguy#NL wisely says, it is a complex thing to implement.

    And the most important thing, what would the benefit be?

    How would it affect game play?

  • But, as Pinkguy#NL wisely says, it is a complex thing to implement.

    Yes. complex.

    I would love to post this in another post elsewhere on the forum. However, I will express my opinion again. Expressing an idea and implementing it are two completely different categories. Also, what we think may be very simple but very complex in the background. Or what we are talking about in complexity may not be complicated at all for the programmer and he can easily implement that idea with a function or class. So the mentality that we have of complexity is different from what happens to the development team.
    But the second issue about complexity: Do we have to come up with very simple ideas? Like this idea [ Merchants Speed ] which is very simple and everyone has a simple understanding of it? (May be different for the programmer). In my opinion, we need both simple and complex ideas. I think we also need very, very complex ideas. Think of the idea of a king, dukes, treasuries, and so on. Was it simple? Clearly, it was neither a simple idea nor an implementation. All its parts were very complex. But this complex idea led Travian Kingdoms to create a new brand for himself. I know this game from the king and the duke and its treasuries. how about you? So you see how a good but complex idea can make a game attractive. So much so that it even has an internal role in the brand. Big improvements do not happen with small changes. It happens with big changes. Small changes affect players in the short term, but big and complex changes in the long run. If we want new players, we have to think about big improvements. In my opinion, our task in the forum, as enthusiasts of this game, is to present our opinions, ideas and suggestions. But let's leave it to the development team how simple or complex they are. They certainly have their own thoughts.

    what would the benefit be?

    How would it affect game play?

    We have different players who are each online for a different amount of time and can play. Or the number of times it goes online is different. Due to the time consuming nature of a server, even one player has a lot of time to be online in one period and less time in another. Most players have trouble filling the warehouse at least once, and some several times over the course of a server. Filling the warehouse is really annoying and causes some of the resources generated on the server to be wasted. The more these wasted resources in a server, the less force was trained or less building was built or less village was built or ... In some servers we do not have many players and some of them fill their warehouses and resources are wasted and the server is less attractive.

    I think I am one of the first people to have a different view on this issue than others. In my opinion, every war on the server is attractive. Every building that is built adds to the charm of the game, as well as every new village that is built. We know that when we have a small number of players on a server, we will have few resources. If these resources are wasted when the warehouse are full, they do not add any attractiveness to the server. On the other hand, resource and warehouse management is one of the beautiful challenges of the game that should not be removed from the game. For this reason, I came up with ideas that do not change the challenge of resource management and warehousing much, and help players make better use of their resources or lose less of their resources due to overcrowding.

    Change the storage capacity of each resource:

    Active and professional players often try to manage their resources. Most resources are used to train soldiers. However, due to the different costs of training different soldiers, a player may need one source more and another less. They do not need the full capacity of all resources. For example, a Teuton player that likes to build a clubs definitely consumes more wood and less iron. This change in resource capacity can help the player better manage this issue. We also have villages that, for whatever reason, may have unequal production from any source. Having a warehouse with different capacity can help the player a lot in this case as well. For example, when my village produces twice as much iron due to oases or having 5 fields, it is better for my warehouse to have more capacity for iron than wood.

    This part of the idea does not change the current balance of the game. Because each warehouse gives the same amount of capacity to the players as before. Its effect is to help better manage resources to prevent warehouse filling.

    Small granary and small warehouse in factories

    This feature is generally not used until the warehouses are full. Players who go online late for any reason and their warehouses are full lose their resources. If the factories also have warehouses to store resources when the warehouses are full, the player is given the opportunity to lose fewer resources. In my opinion, this feature can not change the balance of the game or make certain changes in strategies. Its focus is on players whose warehouses are being filled. Players who like to play but have little time to play due to their problems.

    I hope I have answered the questions. If you think the answer is not enough, let me know.

  • Anyone with a significant overflow needs to be farmed. They shouldn't be pampered by implementing features that reward their passive gameplay.

    Make a storage village, setup trade routes, get a sitter, trade the resources you produce too much of. There are enough features available to help you keep your warehouses empty.