Helmet of the Black-smith - increase workshop speed

  • The perfect tool for a blacksmith would be a hammer, or maybe a leather apron, but, for consistency with the rest of the game, it should be a helmet.

    It's effect would be the same as the mercenary and cavalry : increase the speed of the troop production. I see the helmet with large glasses to protect the eyes from the fire sparks.

  • Nope, too overpowered, the whole idea behind building the best WW hammer is that people should have a great start in order to max your amount of catapults. If you make it buyable, what would be the fun of it? It would only allow for less skilled people to get the greatest hammer.

  • It would make it easier to make hammers that specialize in damaging world wonder villages. You would lose out on a bit of killing power and gain more destructive power. The benefit would be that you can maybe get that 1 extra level shaved off of the WW that could change the tide of battle in the endgame, but it could also be the reason why you weren't able to pull through a treasury attack earlier on because you wore that instead of a cavalry helmet for instance. Also, it would make ww hammers a bit cheaper to feed. As for benefits, you would have more options on where you want to take your account. More options means more strategies which means more replayability.

    - Hæim

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