Restriction on the use of instant construction and transfer villages!

  • The RU segment was 2 big discussions of the viscounted serious problem from 2019:

    1) Идея с камнями плохая


    A few years later, as we see, this problem is still not solved and the trigger of discussions and fixes of this bug leading to the violation of the mechanics of the game and explicit imbalance!

    Two topics have been created in the RU segment:

    3) Перенос деревни.

    4) Ограничение на использование моментального строительства

    The essence of the proposals is:

    I propose to limit the use of instant construction, establish a construction site = 3 per day for Gold + 2 from card games.

    After all, from the card games there is not 100+ instant completions not?

    After all, scrolls of experience are as limited by number of use per day!

    So why can you remove the same walls in 1 minute from 0 to 20 levels? Is it somewhere seen this?

    You do not understand what it leads to a complete imbalance? :cursing:

    Well, the player flew well, rolled it, carried in 0 village, why do you give the opportunity to pour 100+ gold at the same time, why is it done and for whom? And why from 2019 the advantage in this matter how was it not so and there is still no? :thumbdown:

    Either completely eliminate the possibility of a quick building for key infrastructure facilities such as: "Main building, warehouse, barn, barracks, big barracks, stable, big stable, workshop, stone, wall, wall," by analogy as it is done with a residence / palace and Treasurer!

    It was also proposed to limit flights to the 14th day of the game, after the appearance of the 2nd items appeared, because In fact, from this time, all the main ko formed, then the flights only under the apparatus! (up to 200 people).

    Thank you for your attention, waiting for the solution of this bug leading to blatant imbalance from developers! X/

  • The fact people are willing to put more money into this game then you are willing to isn't a valid argument to limit the amount of gold usage on an account.

    And limit attacking untill day 14? Whats next, instead of building armies we build peacefull bunched of Oompa Loompa's that can be send to enemy villages to sing songs for them?

    Some things are better left unsaid.

    Which I generally realize right after I have said them.

  • Thank you Gpek#RU , since it is already an ongoing discussion in the RU area of the forum the CM there will speak about it in our meetings with the team. :)

    I am glad to see new ideas, some may or may not be possible to implement, but it is good to have this discussions and talk about it with the rest of players to see their ideas about it too.

    What does everyone else think about it?

  • And limit attacking untill day 14? Whats next, instead of building armies we build peacefull bunched of Oompa Loompa's that can be send to enemy villages to sing songs for them?

    No, you did not leave me, it is a job translation. I meant not to prohibit the attack of the village after the 14th day after the appearance of the game items of the second level, and limit the movement of the village, the transfer of the village, moving to other coordinates to avoid the subside of other players in gold to the kingdoms! :rolleyes:

  • Gpek#RU, sorry for not replying sooner, I understand you are upset and I apologise.

    I had a difficult week with the passing of a dear family member and I have not been up to my usual self this week.

    I have spoken with the RU CM, as the conversations were originated there and she mentioned that she has already dealt with them.

    Please note that if you suffer a bug in any game world, you need to contact the Help Center in order to raise it with the techs and for them to be able to investigate it properly.

  • Yes, all of them in Russian except this thread that is kind of a link to the Russian threads.

    All those threads have been dealt with by the RU CM, so there is nothing else really for me to do in that front.

    Regarding this thread I already replied and even asked the community to give his opinion of it.

    I would like to advise you some patience please, and understanding that not everyone may feel the same as you and we have to respect everybody else's opinions too.