Changelog v0.99 – The New Gold Shop

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    Dear players,

    As announced here, we are adjusting the prices, including the prices in the Android app, as we roll out the new Gold shop.

    This will take place on Tuesday, April 13th.

    Com1, the game world starting that day, will be the first live game world with the new Gold shop. From then on, all new game worlds will start with the new Gold shop. After a short monitoring phase, we will update all current game rounds. This will happen during the last two weeks of April. We are currently working on a detailed roll-out plan separated by domain and game round. As soon as we have a more detailed roadmap, we will inform you about the dates and times.

    The Gold shop

    With the new shop, we are reintroducing British pound prices and adding Mexican pesos as a new currency.

    What's more, we have changed the look and feel of the new shop. Instead of small tabs at the top, you'll see the different categories more prominently on the left of the shop window. You'll find two new categories: Great Deals and Boosts. And you can access the card game and the exchange office from there too.

    Along with new icons and small graphics, you'll notice a new merchant, across all tribes, who helps you through the process of buying Gold. You can see the new merchant in the image above.
    Last but not least, we have improved the overview of the order history.

    New Era of Wonders package

    Like the starter package, we're adding the new Era of Wonders package. It will be available for a limited time starting on the day the Wonders of the World appear. That is Day 44 on 3x speed rounds and Day 111 on 1x speed rounds.

    The main differences compared to the starter package are that this package is bought for real money, and the content is dynamic. This new package will adapt its content dynamically depending on what you have already unlocked before. To start with, you'll get 25 days of the Plus account (on x1 speed rounds; 15 days on x3 speed rounds) and unlock a merchant repetition, among other content. If you already have one of those features or both, the amount of Gold included in the new Era of Wonders package will increase instead.

    We might exclude this package on game worlds that already have Wonders of the World. We will share more details in the full roadmap soon.

    Bug fixes

    • Map: When a kingdom member was attacked by robbers, the arrows were shown in red. They are now gray again.
    • When opening the barracks menu with a browser window that was smaller than 790 px, the window scrolled down and became stuck. This has been fixed, and you can now scroll again.
    • iOS bug: Sometimes, the tutorial became stuck right after selecting a tribe in the iOS app. This has now been fixed.
    • Night truce times were always displayed in UTC. Now they are shown in the time zone that you chose in the in-game settings.

    Thanks again to the testers who gave us feedback and helped with fixing bugs before the global roll-out.

    @all: We are looking forward to reading your feedback about the new shop design.

    Side-note: What name would you give the new merchant?

    Kind regards and have fun playing,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • Can you give the package prices for euros here?

    I would like to know what the new prices will be. Whether like now or higher.

    My servers:

    PL4.2 = win, PL3.3 = win, PL5.3 = 2 place, COM1.6 = 2 place, COM3.7 = 2 place, PL1.5 = win, COM3.9 = win, COM2x3 = WIN, COM4 = WIN. Next? :P Autumn 2021 :)

  • On the Gold Shop Page for UK (GBP £) it shows the prices with the Euro's symbol (€) and not the £ symbol.

    I presume this is an error and should be a £ ?

    Good question, in the Test round, with the new Gold Shop, it shows correctly.

    In any case it has been informed, but with the new shop I can already see it fixed in the test server. :)

  • Hope Paypal payments have been added for Brazil.

    Hi Rocket, sorry, I had not see this before.

    Basically we don't have directly paypal payment for Brazil, but, you do have an option, simply set paypal to international and make the payment that way.

    Normally I do that in several occasions and for me it works just fine.

    I hope it is helpful.