Problem with gold purchase and WebBrowser

  • Hello all,

    I am from Brazil, and I have make a gold purchase on com2x3. So the payment method say "immediate" but after finished I still have not received gold, and my account have debited that value, so I paid and have not get yet.

    This action is around a hour ago, I tried log out and re log in, refresh browser, etc... nothing.

    So I decided search for suport, but with no succes. The help center page enter on a infinite loop of auto refresh and no load the page.

    By the mobile app, I try the same help page, and again, with no succes.. same error from PC browser.

    Can someone give me a tip to solve this problem?

    I am using Firefox (Ubuntu) on PC and chrome on mobile ( Android)


  • santissimo-br#COM what Be2-e4 mentioned is the right course of action. (Thank you Be2-e4!)

    Please note that you are not going to loose the gold or money, the CSR team will deal with your request without any doubt and help you solve it.

    They always try to respond in a maximum of 24 hours since you first write, so please be patient, they will deal with your case as soon as they work through the previous messages and reach yours.

    I just wanted to assure you that you are not going to loose out, don't worry, it will be fixed.

  • Write a ticket here: Support : Travian Kingdoms

    Here in the forum are mostly just users like yourself, so we can't help you.

    Be2-e4 I tryied this option ... but as I say before, looks like a problem with the browser not finishing the loadind page to creat a new ticket for support. I was stagg there.

    Unknown sorry if my text make a image of rage, I am ok with the team and the game, I just want help..

    So I managed to start a ticket and received a response today, the way was by a private window on browser, maybe a problem with some extension, or privacy option..

    Still not resolved, but I am contact to the support by email from now.

    Maybe can close this tread, The main problem was contact the support and I achieve this.

    Thanks all