Android Beta Test Version 1.8-0 – New Menu Navigation

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    Dear players,

    Please join us in our beta test for our Android app. There are so many different Android phones out there – so we highly appreciate your feedback.

    Open this link with your mobile device:

    Google Play Store

    and follow the instructions provided.

    This beta test focuses on the new menu navigation. If you join the beta test, you'll see the new menu navigation on every game round you play on.

    New menu navigation

    Allow us to explain the changes using the example of the Rally Point:

    The old version shows you four overlapping cards: Overview, Send, Farm List, and Rally Point. The new version shows you one card with four tabs at the bottom.

    In the old version, you see a card carousel for Own, Stationed, Inbound, and Outbound troops. The new version shows you sub-tabs right under the header title.

    Instead of swiping to close a window, you can close the cards via the "x" at the top right or using your smartphone's back button.

    When you have a card open, you'll now see the village name at the top, so you'll always know which village you are currently in.

    Bug Fixes

    • We finally accept that Halloween is over and have got rid of the pumpkin in the game.
    • [UPDATE: Not included in the beta test yet] When your phone uses another language than English, the player profiles were not translated. They are now.
    • [UPDATE: Not included in the beta test yet] The "Finish research NOW" button text is now translated.
    • The maximum amount of Silver (99,999) is now capped.
    • The description texts for spurs and horses weren't adjusted to the game speed. This has now been fixed.
    • The error message after too many failed attempts to log in states exactly this information.

    Share your thoughts in this forum thread: Feedback Android Beta Test Version 1.8-0 – New Menu Navigation

    We are looking forward to your feedback,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    PS: Please note that if you use any language other than English and some translations happen to be missing, it will be shown in English. We don't expect it to happen, but it is always a possibility in very small translations.

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  • Dear Players,

    the app beta test is in full swing. Please update the App again now as we have published the 1st iteration with fixes to bugs that got reported by you.

    Big shout out to Pharo for sharing found bugs!

    Please help improve the App by reporting your feedback in this thread of the forum

    Here are the updated release notes:


    • Tabs to switch between menu cards
    • The village name is now at the top of every menu card
    • Top10 statistics for kingdoms


    • Statistics are loading again, and player search fixed
    • Report notification will open the report again
    • several crash fixes and smaller bug fixes

    Thank you for playing Travian Kingdoms

  • Dear players,

    thanks to your feedback we keep improving and updating the App.

    There is a new App version 1.8.0 available to download.

    Please update your App, test it and give us your thoughts in the Feedback thread.


    the Travian Kingdoms team.