Illogical Troop numbers

  • My question is, with the current rules, a player could reach this kind of numbers in record time, giving us signals of what some players are talking about from the last years, gold is ending with this game, cause time is everything in travian, if you can pay to build and being more productive(NCP) than the rest of the players, then even if we start in the same conditions and got the same time (days, weeks, months in a server, not online time), gold is really making such a big difference that is already killing travian, and another question will be, when a player is going to try something like this again? but this time it will be legal, gold is killing this game, the difference between good players playing with gold and good players playing with a lot of gold is so evident right now, top 1 robbers in all COM servers are the OWNERS of the hero items, and there is no limit for this.

  • But damage is done , the ban came so late

    Vacation shouldn't have any bonus after all