Kingdom and SS Shared reports not appearing in subject's reports

  • Hello,

    Not sure if this is a new idea or a bug report.

    Currently, when you share a report with another player [using the "Share report" button on a report and using the form to share with a individual player (image below)] this report becomes visible to the player when they go to that specific village's reports (image below). This is a very nice feature that makes it easy to find relevant reports when searching the map or accessing villages reports from other reports.

    For some reason - this feature is missing when sharing report with Kingdom or Secret Society using the exact same method below.

    Any reports shared directly with a Kingdom or Secret Society using this method will NOT be visible on that villages reports. (image below)

    This issue encourages kingdoms to create messy chats that are not easy to find specific reports in.

    This simple fix/improvement will allow kingdoms to take advantage of a built in feature to easily organize reports.

    There is little to none developmental costs here. Surely any junior programmer on your team copy and paste the code from that event into this one.

    Small Quality-of-Life updates like this go a long way in player satisfaction!

    pasted-from-clipboard.png pasted-from-clipboard.png pasted-from-clipboard.png pasted-from-clipboard.png pasted-from-clipboard.pngpasted-from-clipboard.png



  • Thank you very much PaultheGaul this is exactly the type of thing I was thinking of in a reply I just posted in another thread.

    Simple, to the point, coherent and could be a very helpful changes to have.

    So I understand it correctly, just that shared reports with Kingdom and Secret Societies are visible in the villages in the map. Right?