Searching for a Forum Moderator

  • Dear Community,

    As the community grows we see the need to incrase the attention we give the forum.

    For that reason I believe the best course of action is finding assistance in the moderation of the forum.

    That will as well ensure we don't miss anything important and serve the community better.

    Do you want to help the community? Then Keep Reading!


    • You are 18+ years old
    • You have excellent written communication skills in the English language
    • You have a friendly and professional approach
    • You are enthusiastic and are willing to help others
    • You pay attention to details
    • You are patient and keep calm during passionate discussions
    • You are a team player and have a collaborative personality
    • You have good knowledge about Kingdoms
    • A base level of English understanding and previous experience in moderating online communities is a plus

    If you are interested to become a volunteer then please send me a Private Message here in the forum answering the following information:

    • Which game round/s do you play on?
    • What is your age?
    • How long have you been playing Kingdoms? Tell me your history in the game.
    • Please, introduce yourself and tell me, why you want to volunteer for Kingdoms?
    • Anything else you consider would help me getting to know you better and add to your application?

    I will give detail attention to all applications, so please be patient while I study yours.



  • Unknow#EN(1)

    how much do you pay me?

    It is a voluntary position, so there is a big payment in satisfaction of helping the Kingdoms community improve.

    So, participating on improving the community for everyone.

    Helping in the process of steering the future of the game by helping make sure the wishes of the community are heard.

    Satisfaction of enjoying a nice environment in the forum for everyone through your own actions.

    Just to mention a few. :)