Teuton Guide

  • Wheat and wood are most important resources for Teuton. It can be useful to spend hero points on resources to aid with these.

    Macemen/Clubswingers are you main off troop with the best atk/resource and atk/train time. Axemen/Axe fighters have the better atk/crop consumption.

    Speed settling 2nd vill to a good 15w is key! You need the wheat! Especially later game.

    Make friends with a Roman. Spears and Praetorian are the best(?) Defensive troops.

    Raid raid raid. Farming is a big resource income, especially with Teuton cranny dip with hero.

    What else is there to know??

  • If you want to siege early try to relocate to a 5436 with wood + crop oasis or a 4356 with iron + crop oasis.

    Sim fields to lvl 7, 1 of each to lvl 10 and factories lvl 3. When you complete eco quests train troops, you can do it faster with clubs since the ratio of the troops quest is wood > clay > iron, nevertheless axes are also viable (will take 1 more day before you getting siege with them, I've done it both ways). Put the troops in the oasis while there are no robber hideouts. You will have more than enough to [email protected] robber camps and you'll achieve siege in 2 days with clubs/3 with axes after the eco requirements are done. To get a solid income you'll need to upgrade the 3 remaining clay pits to lvl 8 going clubs route, going axe route I believe 1 wood field to 8 but I might be mistaken (wood or clay to 8 just to get a steady production going). For clubs with your production barracks will work 24/7 at lvl 6, with axes you can upgrade barracks to lvl 9 and this was done by distributing the hero points 3 on FS and 1 on Resources.

    You should spy before you hit your targets and after this you just need to keep eco and troops going, you should be good to go.

  • Ok so what would be a good arrangement for cities for Teuton. Like 1 city main hammer. 2 city 15 cropper. 3 city send resc to main city. 4 city second hammer. 5 city send resc to 4 city. Is that a good way to go?

  • I'd say "speed settle" to a good 15c location.

    Delete spawn village.

    1st vill (capital 15c) is main hammer.

    2nd vill - resource village, 5436. (High wood low iron).

    3rd vill - resource vill 4446

    4th vill - depends. Nearby good 9c? More resources? Depends on playstyle.

    On Com4 I've ended up with a 15c, 2x 9c, 4437, 2x 4446. With the 4437 and 4446 surrounded by 4x wood/wheat oasis.

  • Nice thanks. You say delete your village would you have another player attack you with catapults to do that or is there a way to it on your own?

    Dont build any fields after your final relocation. Demolish all buildings inside the village (demo Mainbuilding last).