Improvement in the UI of the Kingdoms Application

  • So, What do you think? 3

    1. Yes - Two button for same action (2) 67%
    2. No - Two button for same action (0) 0%
    3. Yes - Tab order (3) 100%
    4. No - Tab order (0) 0%
    5. Yes - Remove Slider (3) 100%
    6. No - Remove Slider (0) 0%
    7. Yes - Tooltip to display time to full/empty (3) 100%
    8. No - Tooltip to display time to full/empty (0) 0%
    9. Yes - Order incoming/outcoming in Rally point (3) 100%
    10. No - Order incoming/outcoming in Rally point (0) 0%
    11. ​Yes - Display more than 10 reports (3) 100%
    12. No - ​Display more than 10 reports (0) 0%
    13. Yes - Play card game? (2) 67%
    14. No - Play card game? (1) 33%
    15. Yes - Incoming attack in Robber camp (3) 100%
    16. No - Incoming attack in Robber camp (0) 0%
    17. Yes - ​Display panel in the map (2) 67%
    18. No - ​Display panel in the map (1) 33%
    19. Yes - ​Reset sell resource form (3) 100%
    20. No - ​Reset sell resource form (0) 0%

    Dear App developper and Kingdoms community,

    I've different idea to simplify the UI of the application and increase the informations that could be display in it.

    All of my logic is based on the Beta 1.8.8865 UI currently under test to some player. I've try my best to photoshop the UI and explain my idea as clear as possible.

    To imply the community, I've put a poll to get your feedback and let the debate begin in the comment section 8)

    A special word to the community

    First, I'm not working for Kingdoms or Travian. But I love this game and I want to improve it.

    I know many people complain about the application and only said It's full of bug, non user-friendly, and other thing like that.

    But many of these people, did not report bugs and does not take time to send idea... As I always say: You can cry as laourder as you want... But you do nothing.

    I've take a huge amount of time to write this thread, edit picture, ask my friends and kingdoms player to gather informations and aggregate these into a single thread to simplify the work of Kingdoms develloper and avoid jump into different thread.

    We are all in the same community and we need to work together to improve Kingdoms and his application.

    Like a Kingdoms party, play on your side and you will delete before the first week... Play together, you will win the

    So please, do not simply complain in comment and respect my work, share idea and report founded bugs.


    I've put a poll with multiple choice, so you can choose 10 answer because I post 10 differents idea.

    For each Idea you will have Yes or No option.

    What Yes and No means for me:

    • By choosing Yes: You are agree to apply my idea
    • By choosing No: You are not agree to apply my idea
    • If you want to debate about one of the idea, let discuss in comment section ;)

    Good reading!

    Two buttons for the same action?

    I know kingdoms can work thanks to gold. But these two button perform the same action: Open the Buy gold panel...

    I think it could be Usefull to migrate the button from the to the bottom bar. Even if my screen is pretty big: 6.55", I found the display of the storage and capacity small...

    Actually: SameAction.jpg Idea: SameAction_after.jpg

    Tab order

    Thanks to the new UI, we are finaly out of these "cards" :love:

    But we have earn tab... It's really better but the order is not correct I think.

    For the moment, the first open tab is the "Upgrade" tab... But to upgrade a building, we can perform a long click and upgrade it... So it's usefull to have this tab to know the effect of the building (Example, time reduction percent) but it could be better to put it in the last tab.

    Actually: TabOrder_before.jpg Idea: TabOrder_after.jpg

    Annoying slider :cursing:

    I don't know why... I don't want to know why.... I don't want to know who had think to these slider... But please remove these horrible things!

    It was everywhere in the application:

    • Bet on action
    • Set amount of resources in merchant
    • Set amount of resources in comercial road
    • Put resources to sell
    • Set amount of troops to create
    • Set amount of exchange: Silver -> Gold and Gold -> Silver
    • I think I've missed many of them...

    If you have too much resources to send, the step of the slider is horrible and you have to click hundred of time in +/- to set the correct amount. It's a huge waste of time and it's really annoying.

    The idea is to replace all of these slider by the same input as the rank in the stats panel...

    The one that I think is userfull to keep is to distribute the point to the Hero. The min/max is always the same and the step is one.

    Actually: slider_before.jpg Idea: no_slider.jpg

    Tooltip to display time to full/empty

    It's quite dificult to estimate the time before the storage will be full or empty for crop.

    1. The currently store value is approximate example: 113.3k
    2. The storage capacity is not display: we have to sum the storage capacity for each warehouse/granary and sum up
    3. The production/consomption is also round example: -103.2k

    The idea is to add a tooltip in the resource bar.

    By clicking in a resource you have the time before full/empty storage, just like leaving the mouse in the resource bar in the browser

    Actually: Aproximate mental calculation

    Idea: Tooltip.jpg

    Order incoming/outcoming in Rally point

    In the left panel, all incoming/outcoming element is order by arrival date at the top. But in the rally point, the order change it's the order of the element appear (I think by id) and not by arrival time.


    Two persons send resources to me. The farest one send resource first, resources arrive in one hour.

    Five minutes later, the seconds player also send resource to me, but it's closer to me and it will take only 20 minuts to join my village.

    In the Rally point, the first player (the farest one with resources arrival in 55 minuts) will be display first and then the closet one.

    From a technical point of view, the merchant transport id is smaller... But not the arrival time...

    Actualy: Un-order by arrival time

    Idea: Order it by arrival time, next arrival as first.

    Display more than 10 reports

    Currently, when we are in the report view, only the 10 last report is display... So when you want to share/review an old report, you can't. Also If you have multiple attack like protecting the kingdoms against ennemies, with hundred of attack at the same moment, you can't read report...

    Actually: Only 10 reports is display

    Idea: Have the same behaviour than the Rank panel: Possibility to scrool through all of your reports.

    Play card game?

    Each morning I see the notification to play card game... But I can't click on it...

    Could you please add this functionality to play card game with the application?

    Actually: Impossible de play card

    Idea: Possibility to play card through the application

    Incoming attack in Robber camp

    Robber camp is almost the best way to earn treasure... But people did not respect the number of wave and incoming attacks.

    In the browser, you can see the number of incoming attack for each robber camp... But not in the application... Why?

    Actually: you can't know if a robber camp receive attack or not...

    Idea: Display it to help us to respect the number of wave/incoming attack

    Display panel in the map

    I know the map display of the map is really complicated and you have add the Tactical view by zooming out and marker.

    But the Panel is not display in the map...

    Actually: Panel is not display

    Idea: Add panel to the map pasted-from-clipboard.png

    Reset sell resource form

    When you sell resource in the market you have:

    1. Select the resource that want to sell
    2. Set the amount with these annoying slider
    3. Select the resource you want to get
    4. Set the amount also with these annoying slider
    5. Click on sell
    6. An restart because the form is reset!

    When you done this 20 times it's at leat 20 minuts...

    Actually: Selling resource in market reset for after each send

    Idea: Leave the form filled and let us spam the "Sell" button

    Do you know Pharo as a programing laguange? 8)