New Tribes

  • I think that there are several ways for the game to expand. I see new tribes coming up very often.

    Here are some other places where this exact topic has been talked about in the past:

    We want new tribes

    New tribes - for Kingdoms

    New tribes, Huns and Egyptians

    There are several other places, but these are just to name a few.

    I think that new tribes could be added in - but Travian Kingdoms is not the same as Legends. I've played a combination of the two versions for about 15 years now and what I like about Kingdoms is that it isn't Legends with a 'special feature'. If that were the case they could just do "kingdoms" as a special Legends server. They are almost fundamentally different games.

    The game does need to see changes, but I think that it is important that it stay distinct from Legends. Kingdoms is in a position to be well leveraged. It just needs to capitalize upon these advantages.

    1. There is an app for Kingdoms - not Legends. This is one of the main reasons I started to play Kingdoms. It's so much more accessible. I can get updates when my granaries are running low. I get a notification if I'm being attacked. It also makes the game accessible for those who may not have been on Legends before coming to Kingdoms.
    2. It is so much more forgiving. On Kingdoms it is so much easier to be a defender - and in my opinion - harder to be an attacker. Especially if you are a part of an organized Kingdom The Stolen Goods/Treasures system is something that I find immensely enjoyable.
    3. The achievements system. It helps guide approaching different strategies each server. Gives you something to set your personal goals as a player around.
    4. The structure of the Kingdoms itself. The way that Kingdoms is set up is to give newer players a structure that they can fit under where they can be guided to learn how to play the game better.

    I think that recently the Kingdoms Team has started to make progress again. The new focus on the app has me excited. That is what originally brought me in. Currently the app is seen as a "companion" to the Desktop version. I would like to see the app capable of being a standalone platform for the game with cross-over capabilities for those of us who play on both.

    There are still loopholes that can be exploited, which sucks when they happen, but I have the utmost confidence as we go along that these issues will continue to be resolved as they are identified.

    For the longest time there were not any additional achievements added. There are several new achievements to hunt every single year - and if we can keep a good game trajectory I'm positive that we can continue to see more expansions around the achievements system.

    It's hard to see the advancements in the game because we have never really gotten a road-map on where the game is currently, what is being addressed currently, and what will be addressed next.

    So, while yes, I would love to see an expansion in tribes. I think that there are other areas where Kingdoms could expand - and if they expand different tribes I would like to see it take a different route than Legends.

  • Hi,

    the question is, what exactly do you expect from new tribes? What are you missing from the already existing tribes? What is the benefit from having new tribes? Do we really need new tribes?

    About the Huns and Egyptians: As Wheat Dragon wrote, Travian Legends is a different game and we don't want to take over their features. Apart from that, this is also technically not possible. The Huns and Egyptians were developed for Travian Legends in the context of a tournament some years ago and players liked them so much that they appear on several game rounds now. We have other special rounds with other special content, like the Hats in the Halloween Hunt worlds last year. :)

    Best regards,


  • I May have a different opinion about this new tribe issue .

    I see some players saying add hums and whatever the other on they have over there at Legends (===) I know legends and Kingdoms are different games but there is nothing wrong in asking the developers of the game to add something new . A new tribe will bring a bit more diversity to the game and that more enticing for the new player :D

    I need a new tribe 2 , Every tribe in Kingdom is biased :D No SEA race in it :D

  • Hi Skadi

    I think the biggest appeal of having new tribes is adding some excitement for some of the older players and retaining those players. Once you have played gaul 15 times doing it the 16th time is mehh...same with the other tribes 3 is not really a whole lot to choose from and travian is a very old game now. It comes to a point where some people go search for different games to play not because it is a bad game, or because there is anything broken or missing, but because they have 'finished' playing the game and done everything there is to do. I actually think it's quite balanced and there is nothing 'missing' now but after so many years eventually people want something new. Imagine how much excitement just 1 new tribe would generate...the forums would explode and surely player count on that server would skyrocket. It's like driving a Toyota Camry for 20 years sure it still works but you really want something new to try.

  • And there is the Persian Tribe thread with a brilliant idea. We can be different, we don't need to use Legends tribes. This would set us in a different path, which in my opinion we already are, the game dynamic is already totally different :)

    And even though the Halloween servers were an entertaining event, I don't think we can compare Hats to a new tribe Skadi. Hats don't make room for new strategies or for you to try new things. The only thing they do is to hide your hero's helmet :saint: I think I can speak for the great majority of the community when I say that so many players ask for a new tribe or tribes to experiment something different because they already exploited with the current ones. Maybe the new ones will offer something the current ones do not provide, maybe not. At the end of the day you will be playing defense, offense, hybrid, ghost, scout hammer, WWK, Rammer, etc... But maybe instead of changing tribes every 3 servers you'd change tribes every 4 or 5 servers, and you'd have a fresh challenge at hands, not a new hat to dress up your hero :S

  • You also made a great new store, we are all delighted with your innovations.

  • And there is the Persian Tribe thread with a brilliant idea. We can be different, we don't need to use Legends tribes. This would set us in a different path, which in my opinion we already are, the game dynamic is already totally different :)

    Yes, the suggestion about the Persian Tribe from @Haji#EN(1) is amazing. He puts a lot of effort in this suggestion and it was very well thought out and very detailed. We love them. :thumbup:

    The biggest issue with a new tribe is: The implementation would cost a lot of time and commitment. You know Travian Kingdom is not a very big game. So we do not have a huge development team. Due to this the question is: Do we really need a new tribe? Or would it be better to concentrate on some more smaller ideas and improvements?

    And another question: What exactly are you missing from the already existing tribes? Perhaps some improvements would be enough?

    I don't think we can compare Hats to a new tribe Skadi

    Of course, you can't compare new tribes with a new hat. ;) It's the same with Travian Legends and Travian Kingdoms: You can't compare them.

    And even if a new tribe and a new hat is something completely different, the hat is something we only have in Travian Kingdoms. :)

  • Why would a new tribe be hard to develop.

    From a coding perspective, isn't it just copy and paste? It should be extremely fast to do i think?

    You copy and paste the code from an existing tribe, like Gauls, but simply change the attack and defence values of units (i.e. from 55 to 65, etc), modify the text so instead of 'Phalanx' call it "Pikemen" or whatever, and add new artwork. I would imagine that the artwork would probably be the most time consuming. There is no actual new coding that needs to be done. All the units, horses, infantry, siege, etc are already coded from other tribes, only their numerical values need to be modified which takes literally a few minutes. I have coded games before but i am not a professional so if theres something i am missing please let me know.

    To answer your other point, i suppose that the game does not *need* a new tribe, but everyone WANTS a new tribe lol.

    If you surveyed 100 players, i guarantee 100 out of 100 would want a new tribe.

    It is probably the only thing everyone agrees on.

  • Do we really need a new tribe?

    It's easy for the community to ask for it because Legends has done it.

    Tbh the game is really balanced as it is and a new Tribe might not be enough to keep the game balance. I might be wrong if the Persian tribe is eventually added because from Haji explanation the numbers show that the balance will still be there, nevertheless it's like a new IceCream flavor Skadi...

    You're the type of person that orders the same burger every-time you go grab one or you like to experiment and taste new flavors more often ?

    I guess it's the same with tribes, at least I can't chose 1 favorite and I believe they all are amazing doing their specific jobs. And if you notice it is amazing how we can still have discussions (healthy or not :saint:) regarding which unit is the best and which tribe is the best. That says a lot :!:

    Having one or two new tribes added to the game I don't think it'll bring more players to the game. Some might come from Legends, some are just Legends players.

    But for a newcomer you already have your hands filled with 3 different tribes to choose from.

    I think it'll please the current player-base 100%. I've been playing Travian since 2006 and I keep coming back to it because I do like the current set of Tribes and they allow for you to experiment a lot. So in this case adding new tribes would allow for further experiments and entertainment. I dare to say it probably will bring more players out of retirement than win over new players. But that's just my opinion.

    I see myself typing a lot already :D But just to try and give a proper answer to what you said:

    I've gotta confess I'm really happy with the changes that you slowly are introducing to the game. One being extra storage for x3 and x5 rounds (whose amount we still don't know but hey: amazing!).

    And repeating myself: I think the game is balanced as it is. Would be interesting to have some different special servers, I do believe having at least 2 yearly night truce com servers would be a great addition to the current set of servers. I mean we have x1 local truces running with 300-500 players each. I believe that a x3 with truce would definitely have more than 300 players :S

  • This is the best game ever! Don't tell me we are not able to make another tribe/s! Maybe you trying to find answers on how to keep players playing this game. Everybody knows that you want to try all tribes and all game styles (Gauls/Romans/Teutons/Defensive/Offensive/Hammer/Rammer/Govengor/King/Premade). I think making a new tribe can help to keep players playing this beautiful game and maybe find new potential players. Immagine Egyptians that's a beautiful tribe and a lot of peoples love history about these tribe. :!:

    And of course! Hats are one of the best content! I mean it seriously! I want to hat too! For free or for buyable like starter package! <3

    The artists/designers of this game are GODS for me <3:!::!::!:

    I am not your enemy! I want to make this game great again!

    HATS FOR EVERYONE! <---------------- CLICK HERE :*:love:<3:!:

  • I like the existing tribes, although I have only played with romans, but I am very curious about the gauls, and will play with them one day for sure! :/ After reading a few topics in the forum about travian legends, I went to play it, but I can´t get pass the awful graphics of the female heroes, and that was a turn off for me, so it finished even before it started. X/

    I think hats is a wonderful idea, and I want one too. :love:

    And also, It would be great if the girls had cool hairstyles like the boys ... They even have funny moustaches eheh... ^^

    Keep up the good work. :*

  • Thank you very much for all your feedback.

    From a coding perspective, isn't it just copy and paste? It should be extremely fast to do i think?

    It's not only the coding of the new tribe. If you want to have a new tribe, the most important is to think about the balance. You have to insert it into the academy, in the smithy, in the marketplace and no idea how many buildings it would affect. You have to create new items for the hero. And there are so many adjustments necessary.