New Tribes

  • Sometimes your wishes only need time to get implemented. Like the Raid Filter for the Rally Point, which will be available after the next update:

    Raids Filter in Rally Point

    As you can see in the screenshot, there will be a new filter in the rally point for raids. This will make it easier for you to cancel outgoing farm list raids quicker. You can also identify raids in the unfiltered list easer thanks to the new icon.

    This was a recurring player wish from several domains and players. I want to thank Orange--d for this post with mock up Rally Point raid filter.

    This was a wish from 2018 :)

    Even though I'm afraid that we won't get any new tribes, you can still expect improvements and new features.

  • Sometimes your wishes only need time to get implemented. Like the Raid Filter for the Rally Point, which will be available after the next update:

    This was a wish from 2018 :)

    Even though I'm afraid that we won't get any new tribes, you can still expect improvements and new features.

    We don't need a new tribe is what i feel . U guys can hate me but it's true .

    And the reasons why i don't like it are listed below :D

    1. A new race will invite new troops into the mix , and new troops will shift the newer servers to be skewed towards them (Like everyone say they want to try the new tribe : if so who will play the others :D)

    2. Jokes apart , new tribe is something we all expect but the impact of such a change will not last long (How many servers do u think u need to get bored of a tribe , most players play multiple servers , my guess 6 months and everyone will need new tribes again to fulfill your own void :D)

    3. Shouldn't have started like i had a list :)))

    There r too many other smaller aspects of the game that can be improved , why is everyone after a tribe . ask the team to add more neutral mobs apart from natars and animals .

    Add new systems like the menhir that will adda spark in the way the game is played :D

    if anyone has read my other post on changing the end of the game then i hope everyone must feel the way i do , the wonder has been the be all end all for every server so why not ask for something different .

    I feel players who have no creative ideas just post stuff others have posted and just add a bit more lines to ultimately give no reason as to why u need it other than it been 2 long :D

    I'm not here to cull creativity but to inspire players to suggest ridiculous things here for the developers to feel refreshed not burdened to read the same thing over and over again :D

  • If ever there still happens to be a chance for a new tribe then here is my vision of it...

    They have only 6 different normal units and some sort of ram, catapult,settler and senator so 10 in total like any other tribe

    ..The 6 main ones im gonna elaborate on a little:

    They are a falconer, 2 dog training warriors, slingshotter, an elephanteer and a mounted chariot .

    Names pretty much say what the idea is about.

    The whole tribe could be animal, scouting, raiding and reactive defense oriented so newcomers get the taste of pretty much all that travian has to offer in one package just like gauls.

    Hero Is able the tame animals when caught with cages, but only 1 for each of his level. The tamed animals can then follow hero on attacks.

    Im not gonna delve into the training times and cost since I believe these would have to be fine tuned to the troop stats and relation to other tribes in that matter.

    I present to you -The Falconer-

    What makes it different from the other scouts is that it has options to also send raid/attack along with scouting so there also has to be some attack points it possesses..I imagine it to be a cavalry unit who is accompanied by an eagle like mongols used in battles to tear enemies off their horses.. read this while thinking of the name of this unit...which also makes it logical to have more cavalry defense than infantry aswell with the "eye in the sky"so to differ even more from the other tribes. Id make the stats 2 in crop consumption, 20 attack, 65 inf def, 80 cav def, 11 speed

    Since the unit has also a horse and a bird, then the hero weapon should have +9 stats for falconers to make them really exotic.

    It ought to have 2crop consumption I think and a calculated right price.

    The second cavalry unit acher in a spiked wheel chariot with a driver and is worth 3 crop per hour.Speed is 8, att is 130, inf def 120 and cav def 80.

    The third cavalry unit has actually an elephant and it has 5 crop consumption. This is called the Elephanteer

    The elephanteer goes hand in hand with the special building of the tribe. The special building is ballista workshop which mounts elephants with ballistas that shoot chains over the enemy walls to get ladders up faster on sieges so it either enhances the rams or just enhances 1% of wall defense evasion so when they attack level 9 teuton wall with level 20 special building then there appears to be no wall for those attackers.

    Elephanteer has -5crop, 300 attack, 300 inf def and 300 cav def, 7speed and plenty of room for loot.

    There is 3 types of infantry ,2 have dogs besides them and the most basic unit of the tribe would be slingshot wielder

    First dog masters are called the Molossian hunter and they are the fastest moving infantry thanks to their dog, speed is 8 f/h, att is 75, inf def 55 cav def 20. The Molossian hunter also has a special ability...for every 10 troops, their dogs are able to deflect 1 gaul lots of them start evading gaul traps.

    The second type of canine aided infantry is called the Lakonian strikers.

    It is a team of 2 archers and a dog. Crop consumption is 2, speed is roughly 9 f/h, att 110, inf def 90, cav def 75

    For 2 crop consumption the hero weapon is also +6 on stats there.

    Both of these infantry units with dogs are offensive and fast as you see and vulnerable to cavalry attacks, but also excel at infantry def..would make it a tribe that might want to use offensive troops defending when a bit faster version of praetorian is necessary and combine the active attacker and deffer in same tribe.

    Because of the game intro I thought the tribe ought to have a basic unit and suitable choice could be a slingshotter.

    The slingshotter is extremely cheap and fast trained unit that have only 25 attack, but its has inf def about 35 and cav def around 55.

    Id like to combine extremes in this 1 tribe so a player could choose whichever way he wants to play..the costliest troops the elephanteer and cheapest slingshotter both in same tribe. They have either options to go for scouting, defensive or agressive and also easy to make hybrids of all playing styles.

    Thanks to the dogs and elephants this tribe is able to carry siege weapons faster so they get +1 speed on both siege weapons.

    Came up with all those stats on the go so they might be off of a working model, but in a general sense these are thee kind of implementations i would like to see. Also im being possibly too generous in giving too strong stats for this tribe in an aternate version of travian.

  • OK , like i said before i'm not too much into a new race as such bu this post is spl since you have highlighted something new and that's the only thing i would like to elaborate on with my thinking :)))

    Hero item - CAGE should be removed from game and replaced by Leashes :D

    Leases can be used on animals on natars and also a new concept i would to introduce ( MERCENARIES )

    Leashes on animals : - same old same old catch them and make them decorative defense :D ( here is a twist / added crop consumption and bonuses on various limit ( like if u have 25 animals (anything ) ur animals will release a pheromone to buff bonus they provide over and above the wall bonus )

    leashes on mercenaries :- These r fixed spots on the map like wonders where any player on the server even without a Kingdom where players can hire troops (new ones of course ) or can be used as a marketplace for solo players to lend private reinforcements to smaller Kingdoms :)