15 Cropper

  • You can use the resource calculator feature of kirilloid to estimate how much warehouses and granaries you'll need according to the level of fields you are aiming to build. That will tell you how many building slots you need to achieve that build, the rest should be up to your style, and I'm not even mentioning Offensive and Defensive.

    I'm talking about Stone Mason or not, Tribe specific buildings like Brewery and HDT or the lack of it in the case of Gauls, Capital army or not...

    There are a few ways you can do it, most people will say that you don't build Great Barracks and Stable when you're playing defense but late game might be a solid option instead of simming up an extra village, barracks, stable and smithy you just build a Great Barracks and pufff: lvl 20 troops at x3 cost but you'll have resources to build them anyway so there is no "right" number or "wrong" number.

    Explore kirilloid, you'll learn from your simulations and after a few rounds you'll learn from experience and tune those simulations you run ;)

  • Another thing you should consider is the negative crop of your army, so a good rule regarding negative crop consumption should be to have at least 10h of afk time before your crop runs out. Don't forget that during the night when building 24/7 the negative will increase so your main goal should be to avoid starvation. This will require a few granaries (a lot tbh) or a sitter on the other side of the world to make sure your troops have enough crop to live through the next day.

    This is another thing you can estimate by simulating the army that you'll build and multiply the hourly consumption * 8 or * 10. This is what dictates how many granaries you should build or not.

    Plus also can be taken into consideration since you get 25% more storage so with experience you'll be able to figure out the exact number.

    Also don't forget that MB can be used to demolish buildings that you no longer need. So if you don't need that warehouse that you build for fields lvl 17 you can demolish it... The thing is in case of an attack you'll need to rebuild that warehouse if you want to lvl up that field again and sometimes it's not worth it because the investment you put into that field will not pay itself before the server ends so again, it's very subjective :)

  • Keep in mind though, that the academy gives 153 culture points per day, so unless you actually need the space, I would recommend leaving it. (Also academy level 10 is requirement for townhall.)