All for smithy, smithy for all

  • I just thought of a what if idea..that also touches on the subject of blacksmith/armory revival.

    What if when smithy can be destroyed and the bonus of troops disappears with it aswell. Player can rebuild the smithy but the bonus will only be on the level that the smithy player needs to have level 20 smithy to have 20 levels of att or def bonus.

    This sound outrageously bad debuff and also 1 building spot gets lost, right... ?(

    The catch is that your troops can also receive the bonus of the smithy of another player.

    So then all of the attackers need to have smithy to 20 , but only the most important of defended villages high as possible. :|

    This might seem to favor the trend of defensive and laid back style of travian, but it also buffs the active and offensive players to have an edge in attacking players side villages :evil::whistling:

  • It is an interesting concept, it would affect a lot the game play...

    So you want defensive players to have the normal bonus plus the bonus of the village/city they defend in case it is not their home village, is that right?

    One of the things that would worry me the most is that regularly we get requests to have more room in the villages, so if I understand correctly what you are proposing is going to worsen a bit that situation. Am I right?

    How do you think it would affect the game play?

    What does everyone else think about it?

  • Ok this is something no one talks abt ,

    I like this topic is because once all your troops have been upgraded players usually destroy the academy and smithy first to make space for more scaling buildings .

    The suggestion made earlier would make every player to make a hard choice , i like it since it will create a new avenue for player to strategize and plan attacks on different targets differently .

    But i feel if we do go ahead with such changes we will need to add a little bit more to some other aspect that is related to what i have mentioned before and that would be SCOUTING .

    We will need scouting reports to include if the village has a smilthy or not :D

    Also add to Attack simulators :)

    It's a big concept to add but i do feels its a good one to ponder upon .

    I hope other members of the forum take this thread more seriously than the new tribe one :DDDD

  • Sir Cin Sincere thank you for your patience.

    We have been talking in the team about this particular wish.

    We feel it would be too strong for attackers if they destroy smithy, all the % gone and possibly many troops without having their own upgrades studied since many players would just rely on the bonus of the defending village.

    It would as well be too strong for reinforcing troops due to them not needing smithies to get the bonus.

    So in this case we don't see the benefit of changing how it works at the moment.