Any gold promotions soon? like 20% extra?

  • Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I want to ask about will be any gold promotions, like 20% extra?

    Of course, I would like to invest in hats and finally become the owner of hat as well.

    One hat to rule them all,

    one hat to find them,

    one hat to bring them all,

    and in the light free them.

    In the Land of Hatdor where the light of hope shines.

  • :D:D:D

    Sorry if I am not around much, but I had an operation and I am one handed for a little bit, so Skadi is very kindly covering for me.

    I wanted to mention one thing regarding gold promotions, the good thing about them is that usually they are a surprise, and as such it pays to be active, as you make sure you don't miss them.

    It is good to always pay attention as to when they come up, as usually they are planned for when more players are online and can benefit from them.

    So if you make sure you check your game rounds every day specially at those times that you realise the promotions usually come on, you will not loose any. :)

  • Take care of yourself

  • Have some in game events for the poor guys who can't afford to procure gold in the conventional way :D

    This is one way for server to be able to retain more players joining new (referral system is good but it's not meant to attract new players is my feeling )