Show return time when sending out troops

  • Mmm interesting option, I have not thought of that earlier.

    Thank you for the image, that helps to understand it perfectly.

    So you want a probable return time to the village once the troops reach their target... that is if they survive the attack, right?

    I know that the event is not created until they actually have the battle, but we will talk about it to see how feasible it is.

  • HKO2006 thank you for the confirmation.

    We have been talking as a team about it and, although it would be a nice feature to have, it would not add enough to be able to accept the drawback of having it.

    Every attack is affected by many things, hero items, attack type, etc.

    The biggest issue is that there would be a lot of calculations needed to be able to produce a possible return time.

    That would slow down the game worlds considerably since the system would have to be doing those calculations.

    That is why the issues outweigh the benefits of implementing this request.

    Please keep them coming, in this case it was not possible to go ahead and do it, but in other occasions it may be.