Chat mute

  • I would like to see a simple chat mute, as a player in intercom servers I ofter end up in a kingdom with chats in their own language and I'm not interested in these chats. So if someone will silence a chat that chat would no longer appear as a green (Unseen) chat but as a locked (that gray background), he can still type in that chat, read it and everything as a normal chat, but it will no longer pop up in a right down corner when someone types in that chat and it will no longer be green as a unseen chat.

  • It would be a similar concept but not to completely ignore those chats. Would be simply to not receive any notification on those. Per example: you want to mute spam chat because of well... The spam ^^ but you also want to be able to read the chat whenever you want. So the ignore would be not the goal here but the mute itself. Like we have on discord :) doesn't need to be so complex like "mute for 24h/48h" or something in those lines. A simple "chat notifications ON | OFF" would be the go to imo :)

  • This would mean no Green notification (at least related to those chats) nor right bottom corner window pop up related to the chats you mute. But if someone has a better option feel free to help with your suggestions. We don't know if it will be updated but if the dev team actually touches this feature would be good to have consensus from the community regarding the optimal functionality of the in-game chat :)

  • D-T you will be happy to know we have talked about it and no one is against it.

    The issue is finding the programming time to implement something like this. At this moment in time we have more pressing issues to give attention to, but still, we will keep it in mind.