Fix Robber Camps Issue once and for all

  • I'm pretty sure I don't need to give the background on the Robber Camps cutting waves issue.

    Raise your hands if you've never sent your army to a Robber Camp and it returned home empty handed.

    A simple solution mentioned by lua was to apply similar rules to those when you attack a Treasury. The only unit capable of stealing Treasures is the Hero.

    So the idea is very simple and effective at the same time. Only hero can get stolen goods from Robber Camps.

    This would limit players to attack 1 camp at the time avoiding the mess that happens server and server, regardless of the team I've seen it happen all over. So like you need 1k units to attack in siege mode you need your hero to attack Robber Camps .

    I would also add that you should be able to clear the last wave 100% of the time to fasten the clearing process, therefore speeding up the re-spawn and avoid hurting the active players at the time.

    There you go, waiting for this to be tested on the next TEST x5 to see the feedback:thumbup:

    P.S.: I already see greedy people disliking this and diplomats saying that it's a matter of respect blablabla, it isn't.

  • This idea would also give the defending players a chance to get treasure :)

  • Only def teutons have problems with getting camps. Paladins are shit in attack.
    Roman def has EC/EI, Gauls have TT/Heduins. Idk where is the problem for defenders. Maybe its your playstyle problem, not the tribe or role.

  • Above... Good example why I don't waste my time with social media (there's a, "nap," for that) apps...

    ... For the most part... I have no freaking idea what some of you are talking about.

    You turn, "some people are just oblivious to others," into some unrecognizable issue - to which you BELIEVE you have offered a reasonable retort.


  • Bunch of players shedding tears because i took 200 + stolen goods as a def player , while they were offline. So now they want to implement change, which means that you will need 10 hours to clear all robber camps.

  • It's not about being offline, afk, inactive or not putting effort in it.

    It's just unfair, in speed server 35 camps disappear in less than 30 minutes, a pretty active player gets nothing if he check game only 10-15 mins late.

    Other than this teutons have nothing to compete with Gauls TT, or Romans EI.

    Fastest Teutons attack unit (TK) has less than half of TT speed (9 vs 19)

    In the time Travian were balancing units and gave them this attributes there were no robber camps and horse racing like this.

    Another solution is limit players to attack multiple robbers to 2-3 robbers at once. like the way we can't attack a robber 2 times and it says something...

    Anyway it's just a suggestion, not the best solution.

    Hope we see a change about this, any change to make this fair for everyone.

  • Well there is balance.. Teuton is BY A FAR the best tribe for attacking. So it should have some weakneses - like being slow. Its all perfectly balanced.

    Also its a strategy game.. You need to think how to place your villages, where to train troops so you can be in best position for yourself to be as strong as possible.

  • Bunch of players shedding tears because i took 200 + stolen goods as a def player , while they were offline. So now they want to implement change, which means that you will need 10 hours to clear all robber camps.

    It's not about you.

    I promise this won't take more than 2h for a 137 member kingdom to clean 35 robber camps one by one. even if half of them are offline.

    if you are super active, you can attack many of them.

    not just being active the moment they spawned and send 20 attacks at once.

  • In large kingdoms having 7-8 farmers hitting 12 robber camps each with TT + TS can make it difficult for many others to get to camps.

    This can be solved internally, each kingdom can decide its own rules.

    ...or, it could be solved by TK setting some kind of limitations, like make attack on robber camps only possible with hero, or setting a maximum number of camps that can be hit by any player.

    Then, more active players can get some goods from camps.

  • Clear to see who are & who are not team players here :S

    Remember everyone the camps you are fighting over are for members of your own team, why everyone fights over them is quite frustrating for your Kings/Leaders

    if everyone was more respectful to their own team players, there would be a lot less internal fighting happening over them

    How about each kingdom having some basic rules around them? ...

    max number allowed to attack

    attack (not raid)

    siege only allow within a certain timescale

    send hero (or not)
    if you have stolen goods to sell, then dont attack camps (until you've sold what you've got stored)


    it's all things that could be monitored & then if certain players didn't respect the kingdom rules they could be dealt with :)

  • How about each kingdom having some basic rules around them? ...

    Unfortunately those rules are always announced but like you said and well you can really tell team-players from greedy-players here.

    Those from the 2nd species will always give the excuse of "I'm active, therefore I shall get all the camps I can so they spawn faster next time".

    This is so true that in a 150+ players kingdom everyone has the same sleep schedule so obviously if camps spawned when the players were sleeping they would be there until every player wakes up :D

    This are their arguments and we all know better don't we ?

    But hey, keep trying to justify your pity attitudes and fooling yourselves :S



    Gotta Knock a Little Harder


  • I would say there's a simple fix.
    Raid option disabled on Robber Camp (like Attack and Raid are disabled for Scouts)

    Attack only enabled after you've added the Hero (Like Siege is only enabled if you've added at least 1000 units with at least 1 siege unit).


    P.S. I don't even think it would be that hard to implement.