Fix Robber Camps Issue once and for all

  • So it appears that the last wave is the only one that could potentially have any resources leftover without stolen goods. Or at least that is what I take away from this.

    What happens is if you raid the Camp, the troops that you don't kill and the resources you didn't stole are added to the next wave of the camp. Which usually has less stolen goods. So this increases your losses and except for early game you can more often than not clear all the resources but not all the troops in the wave you raid. Therefore allowing only to Attack is a better option.

    But this is my opinion, lets see what everyone thinks about it :)

    Gotta Knock a Little Harder


  • So this increases your losses and except for early game you can more often than not clear all the resources but not all the troops in the wave you raid.

    This is an excellent point. I was thinking of it only through your point of "troops defending only resources".
    You're absolutely right that this would increase losses and as we all know, as the waves get lower, the amount of reward diminishes.

  • My main concern with making any change in this front is that, right now, it doesn't go against the rules to attack all the camps.

    Wanting to limit it or distributing it fairly between a Kingdom, is a wish from the King/Vice-King/Duques.

    But that is part of the politics of the game.

    As much as possible I believe in allowing kingdoms to shine by themselves.

    Right now Kingdoms that are organised, that the Kings of such kingdoms are respected, will managed to distribute them more fairly while kingdoms that are not managed properly or are not as good, will not manage to do so.

    It is an extra edge for good kingdoms that if we intervene would take that away.

    Yes, it would level the playing field, but, at what cost?

  • The whole point of this conversation around robber camps is to ensure that people have access to them. I pointed out an access issue with the force hero solution and your argument is "well we can just send them more resources". I didn't say I wanted specific players to have more resources. It was purely brought up as an access issue. People who are participating with their hero elsewhere will be completely cut out from robber camps.

    Having people zerg the robbers is an early-mid game issue. In late you should have your troop sustain in order without depending on stolen goods. IF you depend on robbers in the late game, then you are a problem and having this force-hero system will be especially for you.
    Nah, it is an early-mid game issue. Day 7 you can easily have enough troops to clear every single one with a raid. One player can get a disproportionate amount of stolen goods which is not fair to the rest of the kingdom.

    This isn't the first time this has been discussed and unfortunately I think it won't be the last.

    Every single time the conclusion is the same. Forcing hero attacks on robber camps will provide the best balance.

  • Your solution is the best for a gold user player. 1k Cavalry+Map and you are ready to go.

    Oooooh, a map.

    So much worse than having someone send 100 clubs to raid every single target.

    yeeees, lets use the gold argument... yeeees a map is such a deal breaker. oh no what are we to do, nope, better stick with the old ABSOLUTELY broken system cause the solution would give a slight edge to those who have a map.

    You're a waste of oxygen.