Make "Troops returned" clickable and show what troops returned to which village

  • 1. Clicking "Troops return" will send you to that village
    2. If there is only 1 type of troops in the returning troops, show the amount and the name, it's good because if it's just scout returning, you can ignore it, but if it's a big raiding party, you can immediately send them out again

    3. Show which village they are returning to

  • Interesting... but this is only for the cases where only 1 type of troop has returned... right?

    I understand what you mention that it could help to know if it is a particular rading party...

    But at the same time it could mean huge change to the code of the game.

    How important and how much it would impact the game play this change?

  • You want to receive a message/notification when troops returned?

    If you mean just like a message when you reinforce someone then yes, that sounds good.
    Will clear up some confusion when you def someone and need to know which troops have returned already.

    Though this is just a small QoL improvement. It won't add any gameplay or change any behavior, it will just make things easier to track.

    It sounds nice but it also sounds like a "give it to the intern" priority level feature.

  • Because the idea of the suggestions is about "knowing what returned to where".

    I know a mixed party will not work (no way to fit the names in the small notification) so if the returning party is a mixed one, just show the normal "troops returned to HKO1".

    This leaves us to returning party with only 1 type of troop, which will show "100 TT returned to HKO1".

    Or just show the number of troops returning. On a second thought, this may even be better than my original suggestion, easier to code too.

    A simple "1 troop returned to HKO1" vs "1000 troops returned to HKO1" will make a good difference because players will know which to pay attention to.

    And as Pinkguy#NL said, this is a small QOL.

  • Ok, this I believe may be something to work with.

    The other option is harder to code (if at all possible), but I hope this one is easier to do.

    What does everyone else think about it? Having the troop number of "returned troops" to the village, would that be helpful?

    Is that something you feel it will we worth addressing?

  • HKO2006 taking with the team about your sugestión we came up with a doubt.

    Do you want to change the overview in the image:


    Which is only visible in the village to were the troops are returning.

    Or your wish was an overview for all villages, which would be a complete new feature.

  • No, my suggestion is for notifications only that appear when they arrive, not overview.