Quick Field Message

  • Hello,

    I often use the "Mark Field" button on villages to bring up the "Field Marker" form. On this form I will makes notes about this village (sometimes just simply it's population to track it), and then I will save the form with the rest on default settings for only me to see.

    It would be very handy and save me a lot of time if the "Field Marker" form opened with focus set to the "fieldMessageText" control.

    Also, if I could press "Enter" key to Save the note with the default settings put in this would allow me to complete this form quickly with my keyboard only.




  • Thank you PaultheGaul let me ask to make sure I understand it correctly.

    What you want is that clicking Enter, it saves automatically, right?

    So when you add a message, not to have to click another button, but just an Enter. Right?

    Correct! Currently, once that form is open: you have to click inside the text field , type your text, then click on the save button.

    With this small change you could start typing as soon as the form opens and just press "enter" key to act as the "save" button