• There are some bugs that bother me a lot which did not exist a couple years ago. So at some point you guys broke it and didn't bother to fix it again. Stop being lazy.

    - Farmlist check all targets stops at the first target that doesn't have troops assigned. If I open the console it shows the following error:

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'vacation' of undefined
    at gf.a.checkAllChange

    - Maximum storage doesn't update when storage buildings have been upgraded. This is a visual bug, it goes away with reloading, npc, and maybe some other events. It should just update when the building gets upgraded.

  • Thank you very much for reporting them Pinkguy#NL

    I will talk with the CSR to enquire if they have already been submitted by ticket to the Help Center and if they have not I will forward them to the team for investigation.

    So I understand it correctly:

    The first one is that if you have a farm list with 100 raids, all raids are with sword man but number 25, that is with Thunders, if you don't have any thunders in the village to cover the raid, only the first 24 raids would be sent.

    Is that right?

    The second one is basically an auto-update request in the village overview, isn't it?