Robber hideouts + WW question

  • Yes... it has nothing to do with stolen goods for sure.

    It's the production and troop amount combined(nobody knows how is it exactly), SG in hideouts is based on the day of the server I think. But I don't agree 15c owners have small hideouts... from experience when I had 150% cropper, I got to all lvl 14 fields very quickly without training any troops, my hideouts were really big so i needed to train a lot of additional troops to be able to clear them(as def gaul). On the other hand, when losing a hammer as a off, they got reduced too :D

  • It takes a few days for the game to realise you've lost your hammer and can no longer actually clear it.

    Agree with the last few responses here.

    Nothing to do with treasures

    Everything to do with "recent" troop amount (it probably checks once a day to see how many troops you have)

    Everything to do with your total resource production (can see the argument for only capitalm but i don't believe this is the case)

  • It is a very interesting topic, one were we can speculate a lot since we don't have the exact details of how the robber hideouts are working. Only this is known:

    - The amount of loot is always the same for the first 10 robber hideouts.
    After that, it is influenced by the hourly production of your avatar and a few random factors. Also the troop strength of the robbers depends on your hourly production and additionally on the offensive power of your whole account.

    And if you lost a lot of troops to the robbers, the next time you lose them, the number of resources will increase.

    As there are a few random factors, has anyone else noticed anything that the random factors might influence?