[Idea] have more than 1 extra adventure on speed rounds

  • Hi.

    I hope I am in the right place to leave you this comment for a possible modification to test.

    I'm currently on one of the birthday servers (europe) and get a lot of secret adventures but we can't use them because only one is possible per day.

    But since the server is x3, why not allow 3 secret adventures per day, or 1 every 8.

    On a test x5, 5 per day, or 1 every 5 hours.

    Thanks to the game's authors for this pleasant entertainment.

  • created this thread because the topic deserves its own thread.

    @all: what do you think about the idea? would it be op or fitting to speed rounds? Remember that there are no fireworks on regular speed rounds and less extra adventure points in the hero inventory, though.

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  • If it's only the secret adventures, I think it doesn't change a lot. I like the idea to increase the limit by server speed.

    But if this also applies on Chests, Buckets and rest of limited items, it's OP. (pay to win)

  • I have been thinking about this adventure nonsense sinse like day 2 of the server. Thank you for bringin up this topic to the forum. No sense in giving 20-30 adventures every morning on BBash if they all end up being sold in the end.

  • Tbh the extra silver from the sale of secret adventure points was really nice. Its not like you use every item you win over the free card game so all I read is "ohhh I'm so lazy, you should give me gold right away because I'm too lazy to sell secret adventure points then convert silver to gold". You want more adventures to find more items but with silver you also get access to items if that's the case...