Regarding CSR and its motivations

  • if you sink enough gold into the server it's not against the rules to farm a "friend"

    Please, I would appreciate very much if we don't spread rumours, I assure you that when you are caught cheating, the CSR and her team will act, independently of how much gold you have used or not.

    It does not affect them at all, and it is policy to ignore gold consumption data. It is irrelevant in regards to the game rules.

  • stating facts isn't really spreading rumours i'd say...

    Please, don't make me have to intervene by spreading lies, I really don't want to have to do that.

    The statement you made is false, CSRs and their teams act upon the proof they find in our tools, nothing more, nothing less.

  • So you would admit that your tools are inferior to the rampant botting and multies?
    Since I think you're not grasping my goals here... by silencing me or people that speak up about solving issues in order to not have to solve them. Does neither of us any favor we speak up because we believe there's still a possibility to turn it around. But every act happens behind close doors so we hardly see acts... and when they happen it's highly like the server has been ruined for many already.

  • Lycan, you where not saying that, you said that if you spend gold the CSR and her team would not ban you or act against your account if you break the rules.

    I am not going into a discussion on how good or bad the tools are, there is room for improvements, of course, but we are working on it.

    But the motivations of the team is what you were questioning, that is very different from what you are saying in this last post.

    If you post once more regarding this in the thread we are, that is someone else's thread to ask for help, I will be forced to remove the comments.

    Please respect other players' threads and their content. If you want to make a point, while it is not slander make your own thread.

    PS: I decided as I was clicking the send button that it is not right to have in that thread, so I have made your own thread for this.

    And I will close it if you keep on questioning the motivations of people that you don't know, people I know work hard for Kingdoms and do their best to ensure you have a nice gameworld where to play.

  • I believe Black Swan is a member of that team and I've played with her in last year's BBash server if I'm not mistaken. Don't know of any more members of the CSR Team but I'd say they do play the game.

    At least in TLegends you had the MultiHunter playing every server, don't know how it works here but in either of them the spam of cheaters is never ending.

    Gotta Knock a Little Harder


  • Yes, she is the CSR for the International gameworlds and she has a team that works under her supervision.

    I can only speak from my personal experience dealing with her.

    Every time I have asked for some clarification, some information or asked her to look at some account, her replies have been awesome! She has shown to me a huge knowledge of our tools and a very good understanding of the issues at hand and how to deal with them.

    So personally I am glad she is there to support all of you in the Help Center.

    Again, I am not implying we are perfect and that we don't need to improve, it is obvious we do need that, but at least I know the people that are there to support you are of the highest calibre.

    We may need to improve some of our tools, I am not going to say no, but that is work in progress, it can and will eventually get better. But what you cannot work on is the quality of the people in the team, that is what it is, and I am very glad to say that, again, from personal experience, been part of the team and dealing with the different components of this team, it would be very hard to find a more engaged group and more willingness to do the best for Kingdoms and for you, the players.