Brewery +1 Extra Order

  • Hello Travian Team,

    Just like Smithy or Town Hall Building, I suggest to add +1 Extra Order when you activating Travian Plus. The reason for this is sometime we forget to activate it or like the last time my attack landed at 00:15 but my brewery expried at 00:12

    It's only few minutes but sometime we forget or we can't online intime to activate it

    Please consider it.

    Many thanks!

  • Hi, i guess its customary.

    i go in and the first thing i do is see the brewery.

    sometimes it is not advisable to activate it, others if, if the advice is that you organize yourself for the next day.

    Example, today active brewery, clean camps and robbers, tomorrow without brewery conquest.

    it can happen to you the first times playing with teuton that you forget the brewery, but then you get used to it and it is the first thing you look at, and what time it ends to send chief etc.

    i dont think its a good change if they add queue to the brewery, because she militates against you when it comes to destroying specific things, conquering.

    and if they introduce it into the game, it would not be good either

    just play like a teuton and you get used to it :D

  • Look yesterday I happened, that a village next to my village attacked me, and I completely forgot the trapper, by custom/play many days with a race as I told you.

    Basically I completely forgot the trapper, he was 5 minutes away, but I still forgot to do the trapper

    Sin título.png

  • Thank you ^^, I find interesting.

    You just want to be able to queue an activation in the Brewery, right?

    It could be dangerous, as TeutonicG well says, you would have to get used to it and make sure you deal with it properly.

    We will talk about it in the team, but so we take everyone's opinion on it, what does everyone else think about it?

  • Yes, that is correct

    For everyone who doesn't want to use it, they can active it one time (24 hours only as usual). But for most raider, its better to run it 24/7.

    So please consider it.

    Many thanks :)

  • We actually feel that normally active raiders should log into the avatar at least twice a day, and make sure it is active when attacks land.

    So for now, we feel there are more pressing issues to address.

    Thank you very much for the suggestion!